Destiny 2 Clan Rewards and Where to Get Them

Destiny 2 Clan Rewards

Missing at the launch of the game, clans in Destiny 2 are now available to join and progress with. One of the major parts of the clan system, Guided Games, hasn’t quite been implemented yet; however players can still get working on gaining experience with their friends to gain Destiny 2 clan rewards and perks.

Once players become a part of a clan, they’ll need to go visit Hawthorne in the game’s new Tower who has has the Clan Banner for players to add to an equipment slot. After doing, so players can go out into the world of Destiny 2 and start earning experience for their chosen clan. Every week, each player can contribute 5,000 experience towards the clan of their choice. This can be done through completing Strikes, Raids, and World Activities such as Patrols and other mission types. Unfortunately, Lost Sectors and Public Events do not give out any points for completion.

Destiny 2 clan rewards go through seasons, allowing the unlockable perks to change up every so often. When they do, the perks and experience gained will reset forcing players to maintain activity throughout their time in Destiny 2. It could be worth it, however ,as the perks seem to be quite beneficial. This season’s incentives can be seen below:

  • Gain additional Glimmer when looting engrams.
  • Increase public events rewards.
  • Improves rewards from eliminating Cabal enemies.
  • Increases the chance of receiving reputation tokens when completing Nightfalls, Raids, and Trials.
  • Increases the chance of receiving an engram when completing playlist activities with a clan member.

The last bonus to being a part of the clan is the engrams. Players are able to gain four engrams each week from completing certain tasks. With a fireteam consisting of  at least half of their clan, members must win or complete certain activities. Whether it’s winning a Crucible match or finishing a Trials of the Nine with a seven win ticket, all players in the clan will be able to receive shiny new engrams to unlock

Guided Games and Oathkeeper’s Score have not fully been activated yet, but will go into Beta when the Raid releases next week on September 12th. Guided Games allows solo players to match up with clan fireteams in order to take on challenging content they normally wouldn’t be able to experience such as Raids or the Nightfall. The Oathkeeper’s Score is gained by completing activities and “disbanding amicably”. A higher score likely means that the clan will be placed in a higher tier for Guided Games, but how exactly it will all work remains to be seen.

Destiny 2 went all out with their clan system and so far, it seems the perks are worth it. Who doesn’t love guaranteed engrams? Destiny 2 is currently available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with a PC release coming on October 24th. Let us know your thoughts on the Destiny 2 clan rewards, as well as the rest of the game in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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