Megaupload Founder

Megaupload Founder Slams Bungie For Destiny 2 Failures

There is no denying that Destiny 2 hasn’t quite lived up to the hype since its launch back in September of last year. While Bungie has been struggling to keep…

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Destiny 2 Update

Destiny 2 Update Reveals Major Changes Coming To Nightfall Strikes, New Loadout Challenges Announced

Bungie has been the brunt of a significant amount of backlash this past year for its work on Destiny 2, very little of which was unfounded. In an effort to retain…

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Destiny 2 Trials Of The Nine Event Reaches Lowest Player Count Ever

Destiny 2 has struggled in keeping loyal gamers near and dear to the franchise. Though it can be said that there are still plenty of people enjoying the game, hardcore…

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Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Kicks Off Soon, Here’s What’s New

Destiny 2’s Valentine’s Day event kicks off soon veterans of the first MMO have some idea of what to expect. A new Crucible playlist, new map, new gear, and more…

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Rumored Destiny 2 Gods Of Mars DLC Details Leaked

The rumored Destiny 2 Gods of Mars expansion revealed back in December has a slew of new information to behold. Presented on the Japanese PlayStation store last, it’s Xbox’s turn…

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Destiny 2 Patch

Latest Destiny 2 Patch Brings Armor Masterworks, Raid Tweaks, & More

The team at Bungie just released the latest Destiny 2 patch, bringing some new content and fixes to the game. Version 1.1.2, which has been dubbed “the one about Armor…

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bungie raid

Bungie Updates Destiny 2 Raid Reward System With Latest Patch

Another week means another This Week At Bungie (TWAB), and among several new additions of weapons, armor, Iron Banner event, and more, there’s obviously work to be done. Since launch,…

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Destiny 2 Faction Reward

Destiny 2 Faction Reward Mishap Prompts Another Apology From Bungie

It is beginning to seem like for every Destiny 2 update that gets implemented, there must be an apology from Bungie for something the developer did wrong. The recent Bungie bungle…

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Lost Sector Farming

Destiny 2 Removes Faction Rally Farming, Lost Sector Lockdown Now Active

Many games have encouraged players to farm; farming for resources, farming for gear, farming for just about anything to make some kind of progress within the game and get that…

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Monster Hunter PS4 Pro

Glacier White And Monster Hunter PS4 Pro Bundles Coming To The West

The supergiant slaying of Monster Hunter World is almost upon us and the PlayStation 4 game has got fans in predictable state of hype. To celebrate the upcoming title’s release…

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