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RUMOR: Gamestop Managers Spill the Beans on Possible SNES Classic Relaunch

The rumor mill has begun to turn in the development of a possible new system in the works for gamers everywhere. According to an article on Destructoid, it may have…

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Livestreaming ban

China Silences Three Major Websites With Livestreaming Ban

It’s no secret that China’s censorship laws are incredibly strict. The reasoning for their heavy-handed censorship is that they believe it protects social stability and national security. Although China has…

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Injustice 2 Publisher Commits to Improving Online Gameplay and Community as a Priority

It’s not easy from the standpoint of a developer to fix an issue sometimes, depending on what it is. However, it can be frustrating for player feedback to go unacknowledged…

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New Battleborn PvP mode

Shortly After Going Free-to-Play, New Battleborn PvP Mode Introduced

It was recently announced that Battleborn would be switching over to a free-to-play model. After a year on the market, Gearbox Software realized that the title wasn’t performing as well…

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Pillars of Eternity 2 gameplay Deadfire Backer Update

Pillars of Eternity 2 Gameplay Video Shows an Immersive Nautical Environment (VIDEO)

The highly sought after sequel to Pillars of Eternity is well underway having smashed through goals left and right via its crowd funding. The past few weeks have been rife…

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Elder Scrolls Legends fans upset about some new cards within Heroes of Skyrim

Elder Scrolls Legends Fans (Politely) Upset About Four-Legged Dragons in Expansion

At some point during Bethesda’s unofficial ploy to get The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim onto every gaming platform known to man, the developer took a step back and decided to inject their…

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Sonic Mania Soundtrack Album is Coming Out on Vinyl

Sega and Data Disc Announce a Sonic Mania Soundtrack Album Coming Out on Vinyl

Announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con, Sonic Mania has retro gaming enthusiasts excited, thanks in large part to the game’s back-to-basics 2D gameplay and throwback pixelated visuals. Also…

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Old School Brawlers Inspire New Cartoon Network Show/Video Game (Gallery)

Before the premiere of the new Cartoon Network show, there was already an announcement for the video game equivalent, OK K.O.: Let’s Play Heroes. The show that has yet to…

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Danganronpa V3's Demo

Danganronpa V3’s Demo Introduces New Characters and Weird Minigames

Danganronpa is a series of visual novels featuring a robo-bear who holds special students captive. For them to escape they are required to kill one of their fellow students without…

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Game Boy Advance SP Mod

Modder Turns Game Boy Advance SP Into Functional Nintendo Switch Dock

One of the unexpected interesting outcomes of the multi-faceted design of the Nintendo Switch hardware has been how much the modding community has embraced the hybrid home/portable console and how…

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