Osiris DLC

Destiny 2 Guided Games To Change With Curse Of Osiris DLC Release

Guided Games is a feature in Destiny 2 that was originally intended to help new and veteran solo players experience the title’s endgame content. Unfortunately, the feature had some issues…

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Destiny 2's Guided Games

Destiny 2 Guided Games Has Rough Start at Launch

The Guided Games feature has only just gone live after the recent release of Destiny 2, and though its intentions are good – the launch was not as smooth as Bungie…

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Destiny 2 Clan Rewards

Destiny 2 Clan Rewards and Where to Get Them

Missing at the launch of the game, clans in Destiny 2 are now available to join and progress with. One of the major parts of the clan system, Guided Games,…

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Destiny Vault of Glass guided games

Destiny 2 Will Introduce “Guided Games” Feature for Challenge Matchmaking (VIDEO)

Today is the day Destiny fans have been waiting for and it has not disappointed so far. It’s safe to say that the livestream event that was hosted today was…

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