Megaupload Founder

Megaupload Founder Slams Bungie For Destiny 2 Failures

There is no denying that Destiny 2 hasn’t quite lived up to the hype since its launch back in September of last year. While Bungie has been struggling to keep…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod

Kingdom Come Deliverance Mod Avoids Saviour Schnapps, Allows Unlimited Saves

Having been released February 13th, the hyper-realistic RPG set in medieval times has become the topic of conversation in many gaming circles. An incredibly difficult game with some issues since…

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A Monster Hunter World Nendoroid Is Coming Soon And It’s Ridiculously Cute

The Good Smile Company revealed an all new collectible at World Festival 2018 this week – a Monster Hunter World Nendoroid figure that’s all sorts of dangerously adorable. Featuring a…

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World of Warcraft Lunar Festival

This Year’s World of Warcraft Lunar Festival Is Officially Underway!

It’s a new year, which means a fresh World of Warcraft Lunar Festival is hot off the presses and ready for players to enjoy. The yearly event is officially underway,…

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Rainbow Six Siege Details Loadout For New Chimera Operatives

Recently introduced to the meta, Rainbow Six Siege details more information on the two. Dr. Lera “Finka” Melnikova and Olivier “Lion” Flament are experts in their fields, dealing with various chemical,…

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Game P7

Alan Wake Developer’s Game P7 Confirmed For 2019 Release

It’s been a while since new information dropped regarding the mysterious P7 project by Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment. Last we heard, the title is set to be…

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Black Panther video game

Black Panther Video Game Sought After By Marvel Writer

With the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment hitting theaters this weekend, fans have been hitting the big screen in droves to see the Wakandan hero in action. The excitement has…

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Update

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Update Features New Characters, Costumes, And More (VIDEO)

Square Enix has announced that a new update is coming to its multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV, ‘Comrades’. The latest batch of content is set to arrive this March and…

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 “Perfected” Ultra Instinct Goku DLC Unveiled

Thanks to the latest issue of the popular Japanese magazine V-Jump, we have our first look at the ‘Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku’ DLC coming to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Though…

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Dark Souls: Artorias The Abysswalker Collectible Available Now For Reservation! (VIDEO)

If you’re like us, you are shaking with anticipation to see the remastered Dark Souls title come to this generation, including the Nintendo Switch! While we will still have a…

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