Mike Laidlaw Teases BioWare Fans – “Something is Happening With Dragon Age”

Braces yourselves, the resident Dragon Age fanatic here at DFTG is about to drop potential DA news on you courtesy of creative director Mark Laidlaw! If you’re a fan of…

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battlegrounds cross-play

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Cross-Play on the Table for PC and Console

Developer Bluehole has enjoyed high popularity on Steam since the early access release of their latest game in March. To ramp up the excitement, it was announced at E3 that…

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The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is Getting Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro Support

CD Projekt RED’s (CDPR) The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is one of the most awarded games in history. The game’s rich story, immersive in-game world, impactful decision making, deep character building, and…

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Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta Announced – Here’s Everything We Know (VIDEO)

Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming MMO that also possesses RPG and FPS qualities. An MMORPGFPS, if you will. Unlike your typical shooter, however, Battlestate Games‘ new IP “is a realistic…

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Tokyo Ghoul

Two New Trailers for Live Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Released (VIDEO)

For live action renditions of anime, the release of a new trailer is always enough to spark major interest in fans across the globe. When news of the upcoming film…

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Necromancer Pack

Full Notes for Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.0 as the Necromancer Pack Goes Live! (VIDEO)

The long-awaited Necromancer Pack is now live for Diablo 3 giving players of the popular action RPG something new to enjoy. After all, raising a family is only hard if…

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Arkane Studios Founder

Arkane Studios Founder Announces Retirement After 18 Years

Arkane Studios has had a solid string of recently launched titles in the past few months. They released the long awaited re-imagining of the original Prey just a few months…

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Ubisoft Unveils Fallout Shelter-Like Assassin’s Creed ‘Rebellion’ – Chibi Assassins Unite! (VIDEO)

Ubisoft took a year off from their annual Assassin’s Creed release to sit back and rethink the franchise’s future after a few back-to-back troubling launches. Apparently that was just what…

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netflix's death note

Netflix’s Death Note Live-Action Film Receives a New Poster Featuring Ryuk

The new live-action remake of the popular anime is coming to Netflix in just a few months. The director, Adam Wingard, has been trying to get fans pumped for the…

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Splinter Cell

Ubisoft CEO Teases the Return of the Iconic Splinter Cell Franchise (VIDEO)

The Tom Clancy franchise is one that we’ve seen evolve over the years and Ubisoft isn’t quite done with it yet. From Rainbow Six to Splinter Cell, Ubisoft titles have…

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