Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2021 Introduces Some Adorable New Minions

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2021 Introduces Two Adorable New Minions

Another year brings with it slightly different iterations of the same Final Fantasy XIV seasonal events, though this year’s Starlight Celebration will undoubtedly hit just a bit differently thanks to…

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Splinter Cell Remake

Splinter Cell Remake In The Works At Far Cry 6 Studio (VIDEO)

Fans have been waiting for the Splinter Cell franchise to make a return for what feels like an eternity. The main protagonist of the series, Sam Fisher has appeared in…

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Tesla Cars

Tesla Cars Adding Playable Sonic the Hedgehog

The gaming industry has many classic characters, with one of the most popular and longest-enduring being Sonic the Hedgehog. The little blue blur has been around for three decades now…

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Nintendo Indie World December 2021

Nintendo Indie World December 2021: All The Games Revealed (VIDEO)

Nintendo may not have brought many announcements to the recent Game Awards ceremony, but it looks like the publisher’s wide variety of smaller releases will very much do just fine…

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Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming

Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming: All Titles Confirmed So Far (UPDATED)

Beginning life under the name of Project xCloud, Xbox Cloud Gaming has arisen over the past year as one of the fastest-growing gaming avenues under the Xbox umbrella. Focused around…

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Xbox Game Pass The Gunk

Xbox Game Pass Adds The Gunk, Mortal Kombat 11, And 9 More Titles

The end of the year is upon us and Xbox is bringing some considerable fire to the console war with its awesome selection of Xbox Game Pass selections, with the…

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New PS5 Console And Controller Colors Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

New PS5 Console Covers, Controller Colors Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

Following numerous threats of legal action towards companies attempting to sell custom faceplates for the PS5, the folks over at Sony have finally revealed their endgame: they intended on offering…

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Henry Cavill Mass Effect

Henry Cavill Wants In On Reported Mass Effect TV Series

The film and television industries have had no shortage of adaptations of beloved video game franchises lately. These projects have been especially present on streaming platforms, with Netflix seeing success for…

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Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Adding New Multiplayer Playlist Changes, Including Slayer

Available since launch, the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite features a fairly large presence of objective-based game modes such as Oddball, Capture the Flag, and Total Control across their standard…

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Evil Dead The Game

New Evil Dead The Game Single-Player Details Revealed (VIDEO)

Since the 1980s, the video game industry become a widely accepted form of entertainment, having video games based on popular movies remaining a consistent trend for developers. One such studio…

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