Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack

New Cards Against Humanity Mass Effect Pack Sure to Satisfy Your Alien Boning Needs

The team at Cards Against Humanity(CAH) are known for their love of all things taboo. They are also about to be know for their affection of the art of alien…

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For Honor Dance Moves

Players are Getting Their Groove on with Dance Moves in For Honor (VIDEOS)

Dance parties in video games are nothing new. Most MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games have an emote that allows your character to bust out in unique dance moves. Thanks to…

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NieR Automata Pre-order

Game Director Makes Strange Video to Attract NieR Automata Pre-Orders

Usually when a game makes a promotional video to attract pre-orders, they are really cut and dry: “Here is our game, look how pretty, this is the release date, pre-order…

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Earth Defense Force 5

Emergency Broadcast – Earth Defense Force 5 Reveals Wacky New Trailer (VIDEO)

Warning to all Earthlings! The exciting, and quite frankly ridiculous, Earth Defense Force series is releasing another installment to the ever growing roster of games, and it looks just as…

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Earth Clan – Mass Effect Edition … “We’ll bang, OK?”

Hi, my name is Liana – and I have a severe Mass Effect addiction. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is electing to ignore…

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Overwatch Voice Actor

Overwatch Voice Actor says Genji/Mercy would be “Hot as F*ck”

If you’re a fan of anything at all, you’re well aware the value in finding your favorite characters and shipping the ever loving hell out of them. If you’re not…

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Prepare to Engage in Laughter with Halo Wars 2: War of Wits Live Action Commercials (VIDEO)

With the upcoming launch of 343 Industries’ next big project, Halo Wars 2, Microsoft and 343 have taken an alternate route in showing us just how cunning and brutal the…

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What Do You Meme? It’s Like Cards Against Humanity But With Sweet, Dank Memes

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and wildly inappropriate card game that revolves around a rotating selection on who comes up with the most hilarious match for cards. Now the…

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Chicken Attack Takeo Ischi

Witness Takeo Ischi’s Impressive Yodeling in the Hilarious “Chicken Attack” Music Video (VIDEO)

Is this related to gaming at all? Not even remotely, but when I blessed my ears with the melody of “Chicken Attack” by Portal A and the Gregory Brothers, I…

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conan exiles endowment slider

Does Size Really Matter? You Decide with Conan Exiles’ Endowment Slider!

Just a small bit of warning that this article is 100% NSFW, so continue at your own risk! The new open-world survival game Conan Exiles lets players not only choose…

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