Retro Video Cartridge Makeup Line Gives Nintendo Fans a New Reason to Cheer

For the retro gaming fan (like yours truly), classic Nintendo is key. Gaining hearts and chomping ghosts became not only a hobby but a quest and a way of life….

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#SavePlayer1 At The Game Awards (VIDEO)

Bethesda Campaigns To #SavePlayer1 At The Game Awards (VIDEO)

Bethesda has a long-standing reputation for offering creative and deep single-player experiences, even as the overall gaming landscape shifts towards online multiplayer. Their most recent title Wolfenstein II: The New…

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Evil (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: A Look Back At ‘Beyond Good & Evil’ (VIDEO)

On December 2, 2003, Beyond Good & Evil released for the original Xbox. The Ubisoft-developed action title featured a standout space adventure, following a young photojournalist and her anthropomorphic pig…

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UFC Pay-Per-View Pretending It Was A Video Game

Streamer Broadcasts UFC Pay-Per-View Pretending It Was The Video Game (VIDEO)

EA Sports is looking to offer the most realistic mixed martial arts experience outside the octagon in the upcoming UFC 3. While many may take issue with the game’s approach…

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Snatcher – Hideo Kojima's Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

Throwback Thursday: Snatcher – Hideo Kojima’s Cyberpunk Classic (VIDEO)

On November 30, 1994, Snatcher was released for the Sega CD. From the mind of Metal Gear‘s Hideo Kojima, the 80s-infused adventure was a loving homage to hard-edge sci-fi and…

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Activision Declares Infinite Warfare On Dog Poo Service ‘Call Of DooDee’

Each year, Call of Duty consistently proves how successful a long-running franchise can be, with the latest entry WWII becoming yet another big hit for Activision. While the refined multiplayer is…

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Throwback Thursday: Mass Effect – Reflecting On An Epic Franchise (VIDEO)

On November 20, 2007, Mass Effect was released for the Xbox 360. Presenting the premise of a cinematic space epic, the sprawling action RPG put players on a galaxy-saving quest…

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Mass Effect Cereal Ad – "Enkindle Your Taste Buds" (VIDEO)

BioWare Releases Hilarious Mass Effect Cereal Ad – “Enkindle Your Taste Buds” (VIDEO)

It wasn’t long ago when BioWare celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Mass Effect, looking back on the original game’s release back in 2007. While the affair was an emotional one…

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H1Z1 Developer Caught “Accidentally” Cheating Mid-Stream (VIDEO)

In the PC gaming world, it’s common to find players using cheats in-game. Despite that, most people wouldn’t expect to find the game’s creator using cheat programs while streaming with…

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Fan-Made Cuphead Video Brings Back Those Beloved Ren & Stimpy Vibes (VIDEO)

Surely everyone has gotten a glimpse at the popular run-and-gun game Cuphead with its classic cartoon style and extremely challenging play. Fans have expressed their love for the title in many…

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