Punisher twitter

The Punisher Twitter Account Is Responding To Fans With Pure Sass And We Are Digging It

Recently, Marvel and Netflix released the very first teaser and an image from the highly awaited The Punisher series, and the fans wasted no time logging into Twitter to talk…

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US Defense Department are Big Fans of Dragon Ball

The US Department of Defense Shows Off Their Love for Dragon Ball Via Twitter

Dragon Ball is an extremely popular manga, anime, and video game series known worldwide for its colorful characters and spectacular fight scenes. The lead character Goku and his unshakable drive…

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How to Get YOUR ‘Dream Daddy’ – Full Walkthrough for the “Daddiest” Game Ever

Dream Daddy is a dating simulator that took the gaming world by storm. This type of game style isn’t usually my forte – I hate dating IRL, why would I…

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Kate Upton

Clueless Gamer: Conan O’Brian and Kate Upton Battle it Out in Cuphead (VIDEO)

A recent episode of Clueless Gamer with Conan O’Brian has recently stirred up audiences with a gaming experience that can definitely be described as “head turning”. Generally speaking, every episode…

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode One Recap – “F**King Nuts!” (Spoilers are Coming)

At long last, the latest season of Game of Thrones has arrived and it did not disappoint. It’s been over a year since season six left fans of the brutal world of…

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Someone Made an Entire Mass Effect Cosplay Out of Chocolate – Even the Carnifex!

There is no doubt that the Mass Effect fandom is large and collectively, incredibly talented. From amazing cosplays, to beautiful artwork – there is no limit to what the fan…

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Kit Harington

Watch Kit Harington Hilariously Audition for Other Game of Thrones Roles (VIDEO)

Season 7 of HBO’s hit Game of Thrones is nearly upon us and that can mean only one thing: Winter is here. The penultimate season of the show is set…

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Hodor KFC Commercial

New Hodor KFC Commercial Pays Tribute to “That” Game of Thrones Scene (VIDEO)

The Game of Thrones season 7 premiere is less than two weeks away, and the hype continues to build for what sounds to be a thrilling, fast-paced season. The series…

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Sony Quickly Removes PS4 YouTube Video After Using Xbox’s Exclusive Anthem Footage from BioWare

Mistakes happen, we’re all human – unfortunately mistakes on the internet last forever. Sony’s YouTube channel just had their very own “oops” moment when they used Xbox exclusive Anthem footage…

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Mass Effect Romance

Vote for Your Favourite Mass Effect Romance to Win ME-Themed Loot!

The universe that BioWare has created with their Mass Effect franchise is vast, full of new planets to explore and new alien races to engage with. Some of those aliens…

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