Life is Strange Mobile Version

WATCH: Life Is Strange Mobile Version Announced – Arriving This Week

Life is Strange is the episodic adventure that has been simultaneously warming and breaking the hearts of gamers since arriving in 2015. Released by DONTNOD Entertainment and Square Enix, the…

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Battlefield 1 Patch

WATCH: Battlefield 1 Patch Notes Include Turning Tides Details

Battlefield 1 is releasing a new patch as part of the first installment of their new Turning Tide content, bringing players a lot more to enjoy. FPS fans will get…

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Final Fantasy XV Version 1.20

WATCH: Final Fantasy XV Version 1.20 Now Available – Play As Gladio, Ignis, And Prompto in Story Mode

With the imminent arrival of the Episode Ignis DLC coming to Final Fantasy XV, all four members of our favorite Eos boy band will have had their chance in the gameplay spotlight between…

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Conan Exiles launch trailer

WATCH: Conan Exiles Launch Trailer Reveals New Features And Release Date

Fans who have had the opportunity to check out early access on PC or Xbox’s Game Preview may be happy to know that a release date has finally been announced…

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New Street Fighter V Characters

WATCH: Six New Street Fighter V Characters Unveiled For Upcoming Season Of Content

So much Street Fighter goodness has been popping up over the past couple months, and with this year’s Capcom Cup now having drawn to a close, one would be crazy…

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Game Fe Debuts Otherworldly Gameplay

WATCH: Gorgeous Indie Game Fe Debuts Otherworldly Gameplay

Developer Zoink Games recently announced the afterlife title Flipping Death alongside many others at PlayStation Experience 2017, but eyes seem currently locked on their other upcoming game Fe. We’ve previously peeked…

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FFNT Trailer

WATCH: Dissidia FFNT Trailer Featuring Full Roster Of Playable Characters

Square Enix is throwing new Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT videos at us left and right ahead of the title’s early 2018 release date, and there certainly aren’t any complaints on…

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Aiden Trailer

WATCH: Overkill’s The Walking Dead Aiden Trailer Spotlights The First Playable Character

While the viewers of last night’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead series are still recovering from the recent episode, fans of the zombie franchise are continuing to cope with…

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary

WATCH: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Coming Next Year

The Street Fighter franchise has been punching and kicking its way to the hearts of gamers for quite some time now. With a plethora of titles under its belt, the…

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The Last of Us: Part II Details

WATCH: New The Last Of Us: Part II Details Emerge – Reveal Confirmed For E3

As 2017’s PlayStation Experience draws to a close, it’s always good to think about everything gamers have received over the past few days. Many games were announced, brand new footage…

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