Arkane Studios Cancelled Half-Life

Arkane Studios Documentary Will Spotlight Cancelled Half-Life Game (VIDEO)

Few gaming franchises have remained as infamously elusive as Half-Life. The franchise helped put Valve on the map and establish their Steam digital storefront empire. However, it was this PC-retail…

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Valorant Is Teasing A "Spicy" New Agent At Launch

Valorant Is Teasing A “Spicy” New Agent At Launch (VIDEO)

With Valorant leaving its Closed Beta phase within the next few days, fans of the new free-to-play FPS are already waiting anxiously for the game’s official launch, which is slated…

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Maneater Review Round-Up (VIDEO)

RPGs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but developer Tripwire Interactive has been underway on a truly unusual twist on the genre with the new game Maneater. Presenting…

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Gears Of War 3 PS3 PlayStation 3

Gears Of War 3 On PS3 Was Just A Test, Epic Confirms (VIDEO)

The Gears of War franchise is currently enjoying life as one of the most successful Microsoft exclusives in its considerable library, especially following the record-breaking debut of 2019’s Gears 5….

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Call of Duty

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone Tease Captain Price For Season Four (VIDEO)

Ever since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, the new popular battle royale title, players have been looking everywhere for clues about the game’s future. It was recently speculated…

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Netflix June 2020 Pokémon Journeys Hannibal ET

Netflix June 2020: What’s New And What’s Leaving (VIDEO)

Summer is nearly in full swing and while the heating season is still quite a bit hampered by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Netflix looks to have plenty to keep those…

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Just Die Already

Just Die Already Revealed By Goat Simulator Developer (VIDEO)

Players were able to get up to all sorts of shenanigans with Goat Simulator, the beloved sandbox game that allowed one to assume the role of a goat and terrorize…

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Valorant Official Release Date Set For Next Month (VIDEO)

The studio behind League of Legends, Riot Games, unveiled their tactical shooter Valorant earlier this year and gamers are excited to see where they take it. Initially targeted with a…

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Minecraft 11th Anniversary

Minecraft 11th Anniversary Brings Name Change For Mojang (VIDEO)

Over the past decade of gaming, it’s hard to point out games that have been more successful or impactful than Minecraft. The title started off as a small independent game/creative…

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mafia trilogy 2k games

Mafia Trilogy 4K Remake Announced By 2K Games (VIDEO)

Family, power, and respect were the three words the official Mafia Twitter account teased throughout last week since the last post since August 2018. Though this may not come as…

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