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Human Head Studios created the likes of both the Prey and Rune franchises, enticing fans with these unique titles...

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Minecraft Earth

With the growth of mobile augmented reality games such as Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it’s only...

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Call of Duty Leak Hints At The Arrival Of A Crossbow

Shooters tend to have quite a few different weapons for players to use, from automatic weaponry to those that...

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Monster Hunter World Crossover Turns The handler Into Resident Evil's Mr. X (VIDEO)

In its time, the Monster Hunter franchise has come together with many others for crossovers featuring new outfits, weapons,...

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Live-action Halo movies and TV shows have historically struggled to even see the light of day. Still, there are...

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Mass Effect

Games these days have come a long way, able to tell incredible stories in amazing universes filled with wonder...

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Critical Role

Earlier this year, the cast and crew of the incredible D&D tabletop gaming program Critical Role began a Kickstarter...

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The future is full of some amazing and wonderful products that could either be a nuisance or a blessing...

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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mod

It’s finally here! Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally launched for PC players just itching to get their “Yeehaw”...

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Luigi's Mansion 3 Becomes The Biggest Nintendo Switch Launch Of The Year

The Super Mario Bros.’ Luigi doesn’t get quite enough credit. Though he’s been around just as long as his...

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