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    Known as "Stash" or Yippee Calles. He's a student of everything, avid adrenaline junkie, and creator of random things. When he's not delving into a game, book, or movie - He's out teaching himself new things or taking part in some pretty epic adventures. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

RPG Undertale

Undertale is an indie RPG inspired by the likes of titles such as Mother and Mario & Luigi. Sony...

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Chloe Price

Life is Strange was an episodic graphic adventure which followed Maxine Caulfield or Max as she unlocks a supernatural...

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Boss Rush Mod

In Dark Souls, the smaller enemies before the boss are not only incredibly challenging, but can be an incredible...

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Hulk Stand-Alone Movie

Many characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have already received their own solo movies, much to an incredible amount...

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Dragonball FighterZ

The idea of cross-play among games is becoming increasingly popular these days, such as the Rocket League being able...

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Halo Movie

Once upon a time, there were high hopes for a Halo movie led by director Neill Blomkamp. Unfortunately, the...

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Mafia III's Third DLC

Mafia III’s third DLC will also be its last, featuring a darker and more twisted New Bordeaux than players...

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Hell Let Loose

Developer Black Matter is bringing the WWII shooter genre into a new era, placing a heavy emphasis on teamwork,...

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Half-Life Patch

Half-Life has become an iconic series, albeit one that may never be continued in current gamer’s lifetimes. While fans...

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Dark Tower International Trailer

A new The Dark Tower international trailer has arrived showcasing the Gunslinger played by Idris Elba, his weapons, and...

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