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Resident Evil 2

The Witcher franchise primarily features a fantasy landscape of swords, magic, and monsters galore, but the world has also...

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DOOM Eternal Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a light and fluffy franchise filled with happiness and joy, while DOOM Eternal is...

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Apex Legends Season 4 Launch Date Confirmed Alongside New Hero (VIDEO)

Apex Legends launched early last year and saw a huge amount of success within the gaming community. The game...

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Xbox Series X

Microsoft made some huge waves by revealing its next gen console, the Xbox Series X, at the Game Awards...

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DOOM Eternal For Nintendo Switch Coming "A Bit Later" After Launch (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch is an impressive piece of technology, with the console able to take major titles and give...

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Hunt: Showdown

Initially announced under a different name and concept in 2014, Hunt: Showdown was eventually changed into the glorious PvPvE...

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Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell franchise have been out of action for quite a long time, though rumors...

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Loot Boxes National Health Service

For better or for worse, microtransactions have taken root in modern gaming. All the while, the effects of earning...

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Google Stadia

Game-streaming service Google Stadia didn’t quite get off to a great start when it officially launched last year. The...

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Magic: Legends Gameplay Details And Trailer Revealed (VIDEO)

After a gorgeous reveal at last year’s Game Awards, MMO action-RPG Magic: Legends largely went silent, with developers Cryptic...

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