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Google Stadia

The recent reveal of Google’s cloud based subscription gaming service Stadia has garnered a lot of attention from fans...

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Apex Legends

As with any online game, the explosion if popularity for Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends brought with it not only...

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The Halo franchise has been on a hot streak recently. The coveted Master Chief Collection has finally been announced...

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Xbox Boss Promises Heavier Investment Into PC Gaming In 2019

Microsoft is working hard to expand its horizons both with upcoming consoles and the various services the company offers,...

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Xbox Game Pass Is Losing Four Different Titles This Month

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is a subscription based service that runs in a similar vein to the likes of...

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Valve Implements New Tool To Help Prevent Review Bombing On Steam

The popular Metro franchise recently saw some major review bombing on Steam as a reaction to Metro Exodus becoming...

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No Man's Sky

After a highly disappointing release back in 2016, No Man’s Sky saw numerous updates and revisions hoping to get...

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A major selling point of Fortnite Battle Royale is its cross-platform connectivity. Regardless of what console players have and...

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Hunt: Showdown

While the game was stuck in development for quite a long time, players can currently experience Hunt: Showdown as...

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Halo Infinite

It was previously revealed that Halo Infinite will be taking on some RPG elements that will allow the story...

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