Playing Destiny 2 On Steam Deck Will Get You Banned

Playing Destiny 2 On Steam Deck Will Get You Banned

The hot new gaming device to finally hit the market at long last is the Steam Deck. Valve’s long-awaited handheld gaming device has finally been delivered to its first lucky owners, some of them by Gabe Newell himself. While the Steam Deck works on many games, some publishers have held off on making their games useable on the device for the time-being. Bungie has notably been protective of Destiny 2, especially after going independent of Activision a few years ago. Now, it seems that not only is playing Destiny 2 forbidden on Steam Deck, but even attempting to will lead to a ban on the player.

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Bungie has updated the Help section of their official Destiny website with information about Destiny 2 and their position on the Steam Deck. While some users have been able to get high-end modern games like God of War and Deathloop to work on the Steam Deck, some modern games like Fortnite have been prevented from being playable on the handheld device by their publishers. Many had wondered if Bungie might enforce a similar policy on the Steam Deck. In regards to users playing Destiny 2 on Steam Deck, here is how Bungie updated their Destiny 2 help section:

Destiny 2 is not supported for play on the Steam Deck or on any system utilizing Steam Play’s Proton unless Windows is installed and running.  Players who attempt to launch Destiny 2 on the Steam Deck through SteamOS or Proton will be unable to enter the game and will be returned to their game library after a short time.”

Bungie also mentions that users caught playing Destiny 2 on Steam Deck will be permanently banned from the game and its services. Reasons for their stance on the Steam Deck are not yet given by Bungie. Some believe that the new device does not yet properly allow for software that prevents cheating in online games, like Easy Anti-Cheat for Fortnite. Whatever the reason, this likely will disappoint many players. Hopefully, Bungie and Valve are able to cooperate and come up with a solution for this issue so that Destiny 2 fans can take their quests into the palms of their hands.

What do you guys think about Bungie making playing Destiny 2 on Steam Deck punishable by banning? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Destiny news, such as Sony acquiring Bungie and Destiny 2 for  $3.6 billion, here on Don’t Feed The Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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