Commander Shepard 1/4 Scale Figure Review by LiLi

Commander Shepard is a beloved hero, universally recognized badass, and a beacon of hope to all races across the galaxy. They have mended war wounds that have scarred races for hundreds of years, they have rallied enemies to fight under one cause when no one else could, and they have fought their way to be the only hero they knew they could be. Commander Shepard is one of my favourite video game heroes of all time and their legacy in Bioware’s Mass Effect Trilogy continues to facilitate one of the largest fandoms in gaming history. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got some pretty sweet merch too.

Commander Shepard

This 1/4 scale figure of the Mass Effect hero stands at a whopping 19 inches tall and weighs just over 10 and a half pounds. Sideshow Collectibles has done it AGAIN and it is nothing less than what I would expect from the renowned collector haven (no, not THAT kind of Collector, N7 fans). Though the figure is completely stationary, there is an implied dynamicism with his battle stance.

This piece is individually hand painted to perfection with a stunning stylization that is incredibly intricate and detailed. Naturally this ‘Shep’ comes equipped with his signature omni-tool with the blade attachment that is made with a luminescent orange plastic that gives it a completely accurate in-game aesthetic. And of course, it wouldn’t be Commander Kickass without the classic M-8 Avenger Rifle.

The facial features of this piece are accurate with the cinematic trailer of Mass Effect 3, not necessarily the playable Shepard. The five o’clock shadow, rugged jawline, and a look in his eyes that says he can take any Reaper down with one hand tied behind his back all add to the realism that Sideshow has brought to this iconic character. I will note that besides the one I own, I have seen three other statues and the facial features do vary from piece to piece. One figure in particular that I reviewed had very lax, almost malformed, features.

One thing that left me in awe about this collectible is the sheer design of the armour. It is so detailed and game accurate from the breastplate, to the gauntlets, even his shin guards are painted with the perfect amount of sheen to achieve that futuristic, military-grade feel. Another amazing facet to the overall design to make the figure stand on its own merit of value is that the base, which is painted to the same colours as the omnitool line, also lights up. This added detail brings the entire sculpture together tying in the weapon’s colour scheme right alongside the gunmetal and red/white armour swatches.

Overall this 1/4 scale figure is perfection and is a MUST for any hardcore Mass Effect fan. The price point is high but justifiably so when factoring in the sculpting, painting, and mechanical base – the $349.99 original price tag is merited. The size, the design, the heft – Commander Shepard is brought to life in a whole new way for fans around the world.

At the time this article was written, Sideshow Collectibles’ current status of this piece is ‘sold out’ but you can still find him at online retailers.

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