Dynasty Warriors Film

Live Action Dynasty Warriors Film Announced For 2019 With New Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

One of the biggest factors present in the near future of blockbuster cinema is the significance of the Chinese box office audience, and the demand for film adaptations of favorite…

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Dinosaur Action Figures

Scientifically Accurate Dinosaur Collectible Figures Coming Soon!

The release of Jurassic Park saw an era in which many young children became obsessed with dinosaurs and dinosaur-related items. The recent return of the Jurassic franchise has led to…

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Lego The Incredibles Video Game Confirmed, Arriving This Year

It wasn’t long ago that a rumor teased of a Lego The Incredibles video game, but there hadn’t been any official announcements from Pixar, Disney, or Lego. For whatever reason,…

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Partners Up With Red Solo Cups For Promotional Campaign

It may seem like an unlikely partnership, but it’s certainly not out of this world weird. In fact, what better way for Lucasfilm to promote their upcoming character-centric film than…

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DFTG Recaps

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: March 19th (VIDEO)

Another week or so has come and gone and in that time, quite a few new trailers have arrived to hand out some movie and TV hype. In the week…

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Star Wars Stormtrooper Decanter Back in Stock, Come Drink With the Dark Side

Admit it, drinking with the dark side could potentially be one of the coolest things you’ve ever done in your adult life. Though Vader isn’t going to be cracking open…

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Lost Jurassic Park Auditions

Saturday Night Live Parodies Lost Jurassic Park Auditions With Hilarious New Sketch (VIDEO)

To celebrate the achievements of Spielberg’s iconic Jurassic Park legacy, the sketch show Saturday Night Live hosted by Bill Hader took a crack at parodying a few lost film auditions…

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Forces Of Destiny Season 2

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Season 2 Adds Luke Skywalker And Porgs

The Star Wars saga’s latest film The Last Jedi arrived in theaters a few months ago and the long-anticipated big screen origins of Han Solo are still a handful of…

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MCU Marathon

AMC Hosting 31-Hour MCU Marathon For ‘Infinity War’ Premiere

With the epic release of the second trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, fan anticipation is approaching cosmic levels for Marvel’s upcoming ensemble film. The superhero event is building to become…

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Narcos Netflix Series Has A Video Game Adaptation In Development

It’s usually the other way around when the topic of adaptations are circulating from video games or animated series to live-action hit (or miss). This time, the popular Netflix series…

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