Over 22,000 South Korean Overwatch Accounts Banned By Blizzard so far This Year

South Korean Overwatch Accounts

Overwatch players are very well aware of Blizzard Entertainment’s continuous efforts to keep the game as fair and balanced as possible. We have seen a significant amount of updates the past few months bring various nerfs to characters, weapons and abilities in the game, in order to make the experience fun for every play style. Aside from balancing issues, one of the biggest player complaints relates to accounts that use cheating techniques to disrupt the fairness in multiplayer matches. One of the regions that produces a high amount of cheaters is South Korea, and as such, Blizzard has been swift this year to bring the ban hammer to the offending accounts. It is being reported that over 22,000 South Korean Overwatch accounts have been banned so far this year by Blizzard.

A new post by SegmentNext is reporting that 22,865 cheating accounts have been banned this past January as a part of Blizzard’s commitment to fairness in gameplay. An additional 575 accounts were also banned on February 1st. While this number is indeed significant, it is likely to be short lived. The popularity of internet gaming cafes in Asian nations like South Korea means that a lot of these banned account holders will be likely able to create a new account on another public computer and continue their cheating ways.

Blizzard has acknowledged that “nuking” is one of the most popular cheating methods used by these offending accounts. This occurs when the players force other players to disconnect from matches, usually by spamming their IP addresses and rendering their system unwieldy during play. While the mass banning this past month will surely continue, Blizzard hopes that the Overwatch community will report such offenders as well.

What do you guys think about all of these banned South Korean Overwatch accounts? What other Overwatch issues would you like to see addressed? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Overwatch news, such as Terry Crews’ mock audition to play Doomfist, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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