Junkrat's RIP-Tire

YouTuber Makes Junkrat’s RIP-Tire From Overwatch Out of LEGO (VIDEO)

Overwatch fans have been known to make all different kinds of art, fan-fiction, and so much more related to the popular first-person shooter and one of these fans, who has…

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Overwatch's Doomfist

Overwatch’s Doomfist Mentioned in Recent PTR Update Crashlog

It was recently discovered that the Summer Games could be making a return to Blizzard’s popular FPS with the fan favorite Lucioball. Essentially, a recent update in the Public Test…

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Overwatch’s Latest PTR Update Hints at the Return of Lucioball (VIDEO)

Overwatch players might remember the fun little play mode Lucioball from the Summer Games event that took place last year. It involved two teams of everyone’s favorite audio medic in…

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Overwatch Patch Notes

Latest Overwatch Patch Notes Detail Changes for McCree, Reaper, and More

Overwatch continues to stay strong with new content and updates. The latest Overwatch patch notes for June 20th detail some interesting changes to the game’s playable characters among various bug…

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Jeff kaplan - New Overwatch Update

New Overwatch Update Buffs the Highlights Feature, Improves Loot Boxes (VIDEO)

A new Overwatch update is inbound, which means old features are getting buffed/nerfed and new ones may be on the way. In the latest video from the game’s development team,…

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Loot Rains From Above – Free Overwatch Loot Boxes for Twitch Prime Members

In a brand new partnership between Twitch and Overwatch, Twitch Prime users will be able to reap the benefits with free Blizzard loot! The newly cemented alliance comes bearing gifts…

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Jeff Kaplan battles Overwatch Troll

Overwatch Troll and Jeff Kaplan are Cool Following Heated Exchange On Overwatch Forums

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan is arguably one of the most beloved game directors currently in the field. Kaplan constantly makes time for the community, whether it be update videos,…

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Horizon Lunar Colony

Overwatch’s Horizon Lunar Colony Map Release Date Announced (VIDEO)

Just because Overwatch‘s Anniversary Event has officially wrapped up, that doesn’t mean players have to stop celebrating. Some of you may have obtained glorious loot during the extravaganza that will…

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Professional Overwatch Player Receives Ban for Streaming Hentai and Throwing Matches

Be careful streamers of the world, because if you don’t follow the rules, chances are you will be punished. Professional Overwatch player Daniel “Dafran” Francesca learned this lesson the hard…

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Unannounced Blizzard Shooter

Unannounced Blizzard Shooter Hinted Within Several Job Listings

Blizzard’s current first person shooter, Overwatch, is wrapping up its first year anniversary. While the title is still going strong, it looks like it may have some in-house competition soon….

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