Overwatch Character Teasers

New Photos Highlight In-Game Overwatch Character Teasers (GALLERY)

Blizzard has been giving fans Overwatch character teasers all week it seems. Players have been left to speculate who might be the next character to join the fight. This latest teaser…

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Two Different Blizzard MMOs Were in the Works Before Overwatch

After Project Titan was cancelled, Blizzard created Overwatch and the game became a huge hit. We already reported that game director Jeff Kaplan revealed a possible new hero at the…

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Overwatch concept art

Kaplan Shows off Overwatch Concept Art That Hightlights an Unrevealed Character Idea

Game Director Jeff Kaplan spoke at the DICE Summit and showed off a piece of Overwatch concept art which has a strange character in the middle of it that doesn’t yet…

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New Overwatch Funko Pop Figures Arriving This Spring (GALLERY)

Overwatch has been a global sensation since its release in May of last year. Blizzard has absolutely nailed it with their first FPS(first person shooter), and gamers everywhere have been completely…

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Overwatch's next hero

Overwatch’s Next Hero Possibly Revealed in Blog Post

The rumor mill has been working 24/7 for months trying to figure out who Overwatch‘s next hero is. The leading contender has been Doomfist. However, in a recent thread on…

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Next Overwatch Hero

Jeff Kaplan Says Next Overwatch Hero is “Not Who You Think”

Fans of the ultra-popular Blizzard title have been speculating for months as to who the next Overwatch hero is going to be. We’ve had bits and pieces along the way that have…

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Blizzard is Working On New Overwatch Heroes, Events, and More!

Season 4 of Overwatch’s competitive play is coming on the 28th and players are starting to wonder what new changes and content we can expect to see. Obviously some changes…

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Nendoroid Overwatch figure

The Adorably Tiny Cavalry is Here – New Nendoroid Overwatch Figure has Arrived

Calling all collectors, fans of Overwatch, the beautiful center of that Venn diagram, or just about anyone that enjoys adorable things: Tracer, here! The lightning fast, abundantly optimistic poster hero…

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Overwatch’s Latest PTR Update Leaves More Doomfist Breadcrumbs (VIDEO)

It is no secret that Blizzard’s team shooter Overwatch is an international hit. The staff here at DFTG happen to be huge fans as well. Part of the attraction to the game is the…

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Winston changes

Roadhog and Winston Changes Now Live in PTR Version

New Roadhog and Winston changes are now live in the Public Test Region. In the previous PTR update released on January 7th, a slew of characters received balance changes. Bastion underwent…

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