Overwatch Nerf Line Revealed During SDCC, First Look at Reaper’s Gun

Nerf has been around for quite some time allowing fans to fire foam darts at each other in battlefields constructed from their own imaginations. Some pretend they’re assassin’s or spies,…

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Overwatch Mercy

Overwatch: Mercy Nerf Inbound, Other Support Heroes Receiving Buffs

Overwatch’s Mercy has been no stranger to getting nerfed in recent months. That includes having her abilities nearly completely changed from what they were when the title was released. That…

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Overwatch Toxicity Dramatically Reduced Thanks To New Social Feature Changes

There’s no denying the amount of abusive chat and toxic behavior in competitive games to the point it almost seems to go hand-in-hand with them. Even though a gamer’s personality…

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Blizzard Now Hiring For Warcraft III And Other “Classic Games”

Blizzard has particularly bloomed in recent years, which comes at no surprise given their spectacular original franchises like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and the more recent Overwatch. Their continued growth…

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Overwatch’s Hanzo Statue Revealed By Blizzard, Pre-Orders Available Now (VIDEO)

Overwatch took the video game world by storm when it hit the market in 2016, creating a mainstream cult following in the industry with lovable heroes and lore. It is…

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Hammond Cosplay

Overwatch’s Hammond Already Inspired Amazing Fan-Made Cosplay (GALLERY)

The new Overwatch hero Hammond is a hamster in control of a large robot that allows him to hold his own against the other mighty Overwatch heroes. The internet gathered in celebration…

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Overwatch's Junkrat Nendoroid Now Available for Pre-Order (GALLERY)

Junkrat Overwatch Nendoroid Now Available for Pre-Order (GALLERY)

Blizzard’s adorable Nendoroids have been a delight for Overwatch fans who can’t get enough of the absolutely perfect character designs from the game.  The latest character to get the miniaturized…

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New Overwatch Hero

New Overwatch Hero Gets Origin Story – Meet “Wrecking Ball” (VIDEO)

Blizzard finally revealed the new Overwatch hero that everyone has been speculating about since teasers began to pop up recently. That speeding ball we all saw in the short clip…

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New Overwatch Hero Is An Adorable Little Hamster (VIDEO)

New Overwatch Hero Reveals A Death-Dealing Battlebot Hamster (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, the Overwatch team released a few 6-second clips teasing the game’s newest hero. To sum it up for those that missed it, it was a giant rolling…

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New Overwatch Hero Teased – Rolling Into Action Soon? (VIDEO)

It seems like it has been quite some time since a new hero arrived in Overwatch. Brigitte was revealed about four months ago, but nothing has surfaced that points to…

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