Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Valve CEO Gabe Newell Delivers Steam Decks In-Person (VIDEO)

Valve has earned its way towards the top of the gaming industry, pivoting from its start as a developer to a digital gaming platform and hardware creator. Valve’s Steam platform…

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Razer Zephyr

Razer Zephyr RGB Facemasks Are Coming To Beta Testing

Razer has come up with a lot of strange or peculiar products over the years, from mug holders to watches and more. The company may be a gaming brand focused…

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KFC Video Game Console KFConsole

KFC Video Game Console Plays Games And Heats Chicken (VIDEO)

As social media-based marketing continues to evolve and become a bigger focus for advertising major companies, gamers seem to be a demographic gaining that much more attention from said efforts….

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Alienware Concept UFO

Alienware Concept UFO PC Looks And Plays Like A Nintendo Switch (VIDEO)

With the beginning of 2020, tech geeks around the world know that another CES is ready to commence and provide a glimpse into the future of gadgetry. While gaming is…

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CS:GO Celebrates Halo: Reach PC Launch With New Halo Sticker and Music Kits

Now that we’re getting Halo: Reach on the Xbox One and PC through Steam (finally), fans of the Halo franchise both new and old are feeling that familiar Master Chief…

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steam local co-op

New Feature On Steam Will Allow Local Co-op

Steam will soon be offering a new local co-op feature for PC gamers. The new feature is called Remote Play Together and will allow all the couch co-op fun you…

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Corsair Announces ORIGIN PC Acquisition

Corsair is a company that builds many high-quality gaming products from headsets, to mice, and various other gaming peripherals. The company has also done incredibly well for themselves when it…

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Ex-Valve Employee Says Epic Games Is Saving The PC Gaming Industry

Ex-Valve Employee Says Epic Games Is Saving The PC Gaming Industry

It is hard to deny that the Epic Games Store is, to understate things, divisive among PC gamers. On the one hand, the new digital distribution platform is giving its…

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Weed Simulator Game

Weed Simulator Game Will Let You Blaze It On PC Soon

With the rise of digital PC gaming platforms such as Steam in recent years, many smaller developers have sought to make smaller, but still fun, games under the pretense of…

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Catherine Brings Its Fantastically Morbid Tale to PC, Now On Steam (VIDEO)

Surprise! Catherine is now on Steam! Though Altus has dropped a few teasers in the last month about a possible PC port, it’s finally happened and even enhanced! Though this…

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