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    A royally radical and totally tubular 90s kid, Cory has a passion for all things nerdy, particularly gaming and nostalgia. While an accountant by day, he strives to be as creative and humorous as possible in his free time, be it here writing on Don't Feed the Gamers, or making dumb satirical posts on his Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Fallout 76 Guitar Sword

Fallout 76 arrives in almost two months, and the game certainly seems to be bringing both many familiar aspects...

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Sega Genesis Mini Delay

Gamers are still high on the hype from the announcement of the PlayStation Classic device made public earlier this...

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The gaming world was hit today by storm with the announcement of the new PlayStation Classic console. Hot off...

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Creed Odyssey Alexa

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is less than a month away from its release, and fans of the series are eagerly...

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Eminem Song

In the music world, Eminem is currently one of the most talked about figures, not just for his art,...

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Natalie Dormer Fan

Fervor over the upcoming Witcher series for Netflix has amplified ever since the announcement of Henry Cavill being cast...

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Friday the 13th Dedicated Servers

Halloween is drawing ever closer, and with it, horror enthusiasts are looking to rewatch classic films in the genre,...

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Early Sunset Overdrive Plans

Insomniac Games has certainly been the talk of the town recently, given the success of their hit new Spider-Man...

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Many Nintendo Fans watched today’s Direct for anything to do with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, particularly if any new fighters...

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The title most Nintendo Switch owners are likely looking forward to this year is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However,...

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