Terry Crews’ Doomfist Mock Audition for Overwatch is a Must See (VIDEO)

Terry Crews Doomfist Mock Audition

Blizzard’s team-based first person shooter Overwatch has become wildly popular since its release. The prospect of voicing one of the characters would have anyone ready to defend the payload! In the case of Terry Crews’ Doomfist mock audition, he took out all the stops to show that he’s ready to voice the character.

The video appears on Yahoo eSport’s YouTube channel and has all the intensity and comical talent you’d expect from the actor. Terry Crews’ Doomfist mock audition is a series of responses to some scenes and dialogue from other characters that were previously recorded. The short clip is well worth the watch and we believe solidifies Crews as the VA of choice for Doomfist. Check it out:

Crews visited Blizzard Studios a few months ago which spurred a, well… blizzard of fan speculation as to the reason for his visit. One of the theories was that Crews had been selected to voice the character Doomfist. With no confirmation from Blizzard or Overwatch teams, we are left to pull for the actor as he continues attempting to appeal to the company for the role.

Terry Crews Doomfist Mock Audition

There are many in the community that would love to see Crews hit the microphone and record lines for Doomfist. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson endorses Crews for the role, claiming he’s perfect for it. The confidence that Crews may get the part is definitely growing; however, it’s anyone’s guess at this point in time.

While the intense interest and even a Terry Crews Doomfist mock audition may seem a bit out of place, Crews is well known as a celebrity gamer with pretty good knowledge of the gaming community. That passion for games, coupled with his talent, would likely make him the perfect candidate for the role. We know many fans would be pleased with the selection, so hopefully, Blizzard pulls through.

Terry Crews Doomfist Mock Audition

Ultimately, there is no telling if or even when Crews might get hired for the role. With constant updates from Blizzard to keep the game as fresh as possible, the prospect could become reality at any moment. Having been 3 months since the introduction of Sombra, developers may be ready to add a new hero to the fray. After Crews’ Doomfist mock audition, who better than he to debut the coming of Doomfist!

What did you think of Terry Crews’ mock audition? Do you think his voice acting would make a good addition to the Overwatch lineup? Sound off in the comments below! As always, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter so you don’t miss out on the latest and greatest in gaming news!

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