Diablo IV Campaign Length Revealed By Blizzard

Diablo IV campaign length

While Blizzard is undergoing a lot of changes and scrutiny due to their company’s allegations of toxic workplace culture and subsequent acquisition by Microsoft, its major projects are still progressing along. One of the biggest projects going on throughout this time has been Diablo IV, which continues the long-ongoing franchise. Blizzard recently confirmed the release window for the sequel, as well as its development for the newest generation of consoles. Many have wondered though just how much of the game will focus on single-player campaign. To address this, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the Diablo IV campaign length for the primary single-player portion of the game.

Diablo IV

Gamespot recently shared an interview they conducted with Diablo 4 director Joe Shely and Diablo franchise general manager Rod Fergusson. The two talk about the state of the franchise, and the new aspects of gameplay that are being added to the sequel. A big theme for these new additions seems to be player choice and customization, which the new classes like the Necromancer class seems to exemplify. As Shely describes this versatility, he also discloses an interesting detail about the Diablo IV campaign length.

We still have very strong classes, and the Necromancer is a great example of that, but you can be anyone you want, anyone you can imagine can be a Necromancer. And then that idea of player choice permeates the open-world of the game as well. You’re able to travel anywhere in the world, make decisions about what you want to do, whether you want to pursue the campaign, which is a 35-hour experience that is just brimming with story and characters that are really human and you can really connect with on an emotional level. We’ve worked really hard on the campaign in Diablo 4 and we’re really proud of how it’s developing.”

Ferguson also describes the non-linear structure of the game’s story, which will allow players to come-and-go from the campaign as they please. The shared open world of the game will allow players this extra freedom to tackle the story at their own place while still enjoying the non-story parts of the game like the over 100 dungeons. While many obviously love the online play, it is nice to know that Blizzard is still providing enough content for players that like a more isolated experience. Hopefully Blizzard takes this to heart and takes steps to ensure their employees are left alone, free from harassment in the future.

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