Diablo News

Warcraft, Overwatch And Diablo News Coming Soon, Says Blizzard Boss

Activision Blizzard has been the talk of the town this month in the game industry due to the planned acquisition of the company by Microsoft. While much of the attention…

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Overwatch 2 Dev Blames Delays On Bobby Kotick

Activision Blizzard has had plenty of attention on them the past year, and while much of the focus has been on their behavior as a company, their high-quality games have…

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Activision Blizzard Acquisition Sought By Microsoft For $68.7 Billion

As the gaming industry has grown larger, the biggest of the industry’s competitors have taken different strategies to give themselves an advantage over the other industry titans. Microsoft has seen…

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Activision Blizzard Leaders

Activision Blizzard Leaders Urged By State Officials For “Sweeping Changes”

Over the past year, Activision Blizzard has had perhaps the most attention paid to them, moreso than any other gaming company, but not for virtuous reasons. The company faces numerous…

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New Overwatch Comic

New Overwatch Comic Will Explain McCree Name Change

2021 has proven to be a challenging year for Activision Blizzard, with the company needing to make many changes both in their workplace and in their games. After numerous allegations…

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Vicarious Visions

Vicarious Visions Reportedly Getting Rebranded Under Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment has been through many changes throughout the years, and their continued success has allowed them to grow. The fan-favorite gaming publisher has been able to grow by acquiring…

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BlizzConline 2022

BlizzConline 2022 Postponed, Event To Be Reimagined

While Blizzard Entertainment has been one of the most popular and closely followed gaming studios in the world in recent years, not all of that attention has been for good…

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Overwatch's McCree

Overwatch’s McCree New Name Announced By Activision Blizzard

2021 has been an incredibly impactful year for Activision Blizzard, but not for the reasons they would’ve hoped. The company has come under fire for a series of lawsuits and…

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Overwatch 2 Executive Producer

Overwatch 2 Executive Producer Leaves Blizzard Entertainment

The past few months have proven to be quite tumultuous at Activision Blizzard, and rightfully so. Given their systemically fostered toxic workplace environment, repercussions were inevitable for the company, starting…

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SEC Investigation

Activision Blizzard Reportedly Under SEC Investigation For Harassment

One of the biggest stories in the gaming industry so far in 2021 has been the wave of allegations made towards Activision Blizzard regarding the company’s toxic workplace culture, and…

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