Latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser Image Showcases Planet Naboo and Beautiful Theed

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser Image

E3 begins very soon and quite early during the event, Electronic Arts will preview new aspects of the highly anticipated sequel to DICE’s first Star Wars Battlefront game. This new entry in the franchise has excited fans with promises of a single player campaign, as well as content from the latest Star Wars films produced by Disney and the prequel trilogy. The main element from the prequel trilogy shown so far has been the presence of Darth Maul. This is seen in the inner workings of Theed on the planet Naboo where his big battle in The Phantom Menace took place. Now, we have a new Star Wars Battlefront 2 teaser image to help envision the rest of the battlegrounds that will represent Naboo.

The image seen above was seen in the newest episode of The Star Wars Show on the official Star Wars YouTube channel. It shows the cliff side city of Theed, complete with the royal palace, a large landing platform and a section of the city ablaze in fire. The Star Wars Show confirmed that the full “Assault on Theed” map will be seen first in a live-streamed 40 player match on Saturday at 1 P.M. Pacific Time, right after the EA Live presentation at 12 p.m. which will show the new Battlefront trailer.

Based on the expansive landscape shown in the image and the ability for the map to hold 40 simultaneous players, the Theed map looks like it will be a massive and lively addition to the locations that will be playable in this game. What do you guys think about this Star Wars Battlefront 2 teaser image? Will you watch the live streaming Battlefront 2 events? Let us know in the comments below!

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