Anthem Javelins Class Gear Merge Voltron

Anthem Javelins Have Class-Specific Gear, Can’t Merge Voltron-Style

BioWare is looking to take their story-focused RPG expertise to uncharted worlds in the upcoming title Anthem, with the introduction of an epic-scoped IP with feature-full aspects of multiplayer integration. A…

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BioWare Reveals In-Depth Story Revelations for ‘Anthem’ During PAX West

Bioware is well known for their ability to craft an amazing story with player’s choices interwoven into a beautiful tapestry of lore. While the company’s next upcoming IP is quite…

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Rapper YG

Rapper YG Furious About Colin Kaepernick’s Removal From Madden 19 Song

Modern gamers are quite aware of the common use among big publishers to include licensed popular music in their games. However, given the multiple business entities involved in the licensing…

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Anthem Publisher Reportedly "Pleased" With Fan Excitement Thus Far

Anthem Publisher “Pleased” With Fan Excitement For The Game

Not to understate things, but Electronic Arts has quite a lot riding on the success of Anthem. While the future of BioWare does not fall to the success of the upcoming…

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EA Origin Will No Longer Offer Free Games, Removes On The House Program

EA Origin is Electronic Art’s client for PC users. Akin to PlayStation and Xbox’s free offerings each month, they presented free games for members each month. Since the program’s launch…

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EA NBA LIVE 19 Female

NBA Live 19 Female Custom Players Confirmed, Internet Reacts How You Would Expect (VIDEO)

Given the ever growing presence of female players in gaming demographics, it has been more common in recent years for female on-screen representation to be a bigger factor in major…

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Mass Effect Galactic Boyfriend Garrus Vakarian Now Available As A Plush (GALLERY)

Mass Effect: Galactic Boyfriend Garrus Vakarian Now Available As A Plush (GALLERY)

Mass Effect’s galactic boyfriend Garrus Vakarian is finally setting aside those pesky calibrations and finally joining you in the bedroom…as an adorable plush! Announced via Twitter post by nerdy online…

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Anthem Won’t Have A Dialogue Wheel, Will Still Feature Player Choices

Bioware titles have set themselves apart by their expansive dialogue options leading to some impressive immersive experience for players. After recently taking to Twitter, Executive Producer Mark Darrah revealed that…

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Dragon Age Inquisition Fanfiction Penned By Former Bioware Writer, Get Your Dorian Fix Here

David Gaider was once a writer for Bioware however after 17 years with the studio he left, moving on to other projects. He worked on a great deal of titles…

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Battlefield V Open Beta

Battlefield V Open Beta Confirmed This September

EA DICE appears to be hard at work on Battlefield V, and the game has been far enough in its development for the developer to let others try out an…

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