Dreamcast Development

Sega Dreamcast Development And Other Nostalgic Trivia Revealed (VIDEO)

Sega was once a heavy hitter in the console wars, but by the time the Dreamcast hit shelves, no amount of impressive hardware would be able to save it from…

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Battlefront 2 Loot Box

Battlefront 2 Loot Box Controversy Repeat To Be Avoided Moving Forward, EA Promises

There’s no denying that the Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box controversy was the talk of the gaming community for quite some time around the game’s release. Needless to say,…

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Developer Hazelight Studios

A Way Out Developer Hazelight Studios Nearly Made Exclusive Deal With Microsoft (VIDEO)

A Way Out seems to very much be a win for Electronic Arts, both commercially and critically. Having such an original hit certainly bodes well for EA, especially considering the…

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Next Hazelight Studios game

A Way Out Director Says Next Hazelight Studios Game Has Begun Development

Hazelight Studios recently celebrated the launch of A Way Out, which caught much attention at last year’s E3 conference and The Game Awards for its unique narrative that hinges on…

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BioWare Acquisition

EA’s BioWare Acquisition, How The Mega Publisher Helped The Developers Escape Immediate Closure

BioWare is one of the most beloved studios in gaming for their story-driven focus and attention to detail when it comes to the RPG genre. Of the many series under…

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Battlefield 1 Easter Update

Battlefield 1 Easter Update Goes Live With Much Needed Stability Improvements

DICE has released a new patch for their World War 1 era FPS, and this Battlefield 1 Easter update is bringing some much needed improvements to the title. First and…

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Former BioWare Boss

Former BioWare Boss Reflects On Studio Acquisition And What It Was Really Like Working Under EA

BioWare has been losing many of its prominent contributors over the last few years with the most recent exits being Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw and Mass Effect writer Drew…

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Self-Learning AI

EA Created An AI That Taught Itself How To Play Battlefield 1 (VIDEO)

DeepMind created and studied an AI that was able to teach itself how to play retro Atari games. According to a recent blog post from Magnus Nordin of EA’s Search…

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A Way Out Achievements

‘A Way Out’ Achievements Revealed, Fewer Than Expected

Hazelight Studios’ may be (in)famous for outspoken developer Josef Fares, but also for the upcoming co-op title A Way Out. The game emphasizes teamwork to achieve the goal of escaping a…

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Former BioWare Writer

Former BioWare Writer Finished Work On Anthem Before Leaving, Confirms Hudson

It was only recently when fans learned that storied BioWare writer Drew Karpyshyn was leaving the company to pursue other projects. This would be Karpyshyn’s second departure following previous work…

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