Classic Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Support Returns To PC

Though it took a while for fans to get on board, EA’s new Star Wars Battlefront series has nonetheless forged a pretty dedicated fanbase, with the 2017 sequel still doling…

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Third EA Star Wars Game

Third EA Star Wars Game Reportedly Cancelled Last Year

While the latest EA Star Wars game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order turned out to be a pleasant surprise, the licensing deal with Star Wars hasn’t always had the smoothest…

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Star Wars Battlefront II Adds General Grievous (VIDEO)

Star Wars Battlefront II Adds General Grievous (VIDEO)

Star Wars Battlefront II is currently in the midst of bringing ‘The Clone Wars’ into the saga-spanning shooter, last having introduced an array of Clone Troopers into the proceedings. Following…

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EA Ranked 5th Most Hated Company, According To Wall Street

It is no secret among those in the gaming community that one of the more common, if not the most notorious, gaming-related companies to be a target of ire among…

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Battlefront II Underperformance

Battlefront II Underperformance Will Mean Microtransactions Return, Says EA Exec

Star Wars Battlefront II ended up being one of the biggest focal points of conversation in the gaming community during 2017, but not in the way that EA would likely…

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Investigate EA

The State of Hawaii Announces It Will Investigate EA For “Predatory Practices”

Battlefront II’s crate system garnered much negative fan backlash over its microtransaction-supporting existence, more so ita focus on their pay-to-win mentality. While EA has now temporarily removed microtransactions from the…

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Anthem’s Future: EA Wants To Make BioWare’s New IP An Entire Franchise

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding BioWare’s upcoming open-world title Anthem. Whereas many Mass Effect hopefuls resent the future IP for Andromeda’s apparent abandonment, others are excited to see what…

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EA's Games

EA’s Games are Available to Play for Free This Week

EA’s Play press conference was packed with new content and exciting announcements that kicked off E3 with a bang on Saturday, June 10. Among the announcements was the fact that some…

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser Image

Latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 Teaser Image Showcases Planet Naboo and Beautiful Theed

E3 begins very soon and quite early during the event, Electronic Arts will preview new aspects of the highly anticipated sequel to DICE’s first Star Wars Battlefront game. This new…

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Star Wars Battlefront 3

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Gets Fan Resurrection – Here’s How to Play (VIDEO)

To the dismay of fans who enjoyed the first two installments of the game, Star Wars Battlefront 3 was canceled in 2008. Fans assumed they’d never see a Star Wars…

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