Kingdom Hearts 2 “Beyond the Camera” Shows Off Hilarious Footage Not Meant to be Seen (VIDEO)

Kingdom Hearts 2 Boundary Break

Kingdom Hearts fans are exuberantly waiting for next week’s E3 event that will hopefully provide more information on the long-awaited third main entry in the franchise. The first two main entries on the PlayStation 2 are quite fondly remembered for their ability to store so many iconic Disney characters and locations on single discs, given the fairly-limited storage spaces compared to today’s standards. However, few have been able to see the tricks that the developers used to save on space during certain scenes. A new Kingdom Hearts 2 Boundary Break video shows the secrets that lied just off-screen in the game.

The newest in a series of Boundary Break videos has recently been uploaded by YouTube user Shesez on their official YouTube channel. The series looks at in-game models from perspectives outside of the normal field of vision presented with that game’s camera. For Kingdom Hearts 2, Shesez looks at locations from just about every world in the game, to see how the dev team stored so much in the game. Some of the findings are to be expected, such as expansive landscapes revealed to be two-dimensional images when seen from a doorway or window in a cutscene.

Some amusing sights show off previously off-limits cutscenes, especially in first-person moments when an off-camera look would reveal the POV character’s head shifted or outright removed. Other interesting perspective changes include seeing how character models were designed, such a simple Yen Sid’s hat being a separate model from the rest of his body, so that he could be bald like he his in Fantasia, even though the player never saw him without a hat in the game. The findings in this video are quite illuminating and show just how creative Square Enix was at making the most out of the PlayStation 2’s limitations. What do you guys think about this Kingdom Hearts 2 Boundary Break video? Let us know in the comments below!

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