Star Wars Inspired Jackets

Beat The Winter’s Chill With These Star Wars-Inspired Jackets

When the temperatures start getting low enough to freeze bantha fodder, it’s time to break out the cold weather clothing. This season why don’t you treat your family, friends, and…

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BB-8 Skyrim Mod

New BB8 Skyrim Mod Makes The Droid Your New Companion (VIDEO)

Skyrim, the fifth entry in the Elder Scrolls series, was originally released six years ago, yet the game is still held dearly by its fans. The game was recently brought…

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Visceral Games Closed Because Players Don't Like Linear Games, EA Says

Visceral Games Closed Because Players Don’t Want Linear Games, EA Says

When Electronic Arts announced the closure of Dead Space studio Visceral Games, it realized the fears that linear, story-based experiences were becoming a declining focus in the gaming industry. This…

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Daisy Ridley Doesn’t Want To Play Rey After Star Wars: Episode IX

The Disney purchase of Lucasfilm brought announcements of new films and a breath of new life into the Star Wars franchise. In 2015, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the 7th…

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EA Star Wars License

Petition Asking For Lucasfilm To Reverse The EA Star Wars License Agreement

Many Star Wars fans are growing more and more convinced that the EA Star Wars license agreement has been troubling, especially given recent events. Some fans immediately showed uneasiness when…

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Watch Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Build A LEGO Millennium Falcon (VIDEO)

Daisy Ridley won the hearts of fans across the globe with her performance of Rey in The Force Awakens. While she made it look easy piloting the Millennium Falcon in…

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Man Builds Battlefront II Robot To Grind For Loot Boxes And It’s A Work Of Art (VIDEO)

The biggest time-consuming fixation (or frustration for some, certainly) in gaming right now is the level grinding and credit farming systems in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. The system for…

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Investigate EA

The State of Hawaii Announces It Will Investigate EA For “Predatory Practices”

Battlefront II’s crate system garnered much negative fan backlash over its microtransaction-supporting existence, more so ita focus on their pay-to-win mentality. While EA has now temporarily removed microtransactions from the…

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Tempt Trailer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tempt Trailer Teases “Something Else” (VIDEO)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just around the corner and many fans are anxious to see the Rey’s story unfold. A new “Tempt trailer” has been released which features…

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EA Officially Removes All In-Game Purchases From Star Wars Battlefront II!

There is no denying that there has been a TON of controversy surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II title from EA. The backlash from how they have handled microtransactions…

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