Kim Swift - Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond Welcomes Portal Designer Kim Swift to EA Motive Studios

In the video game industry, turnover rates aren’t always that high. Typically, people will find a job they really enjoy with a company that treats them well, and see no…

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Concept Art for Cancelled Darth Maul Game Emerges (VIDEO)

Back in 2011, plans for another Star Wars title had emerged to the general public eliciting excitement from fans as they had been promised the opportunity to play as one…

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Digital Carrie Fisher

Lucasfilm States They Will Not Use a Digital Carrie Fisher as Leia in Future Films

It has not even been a full month since the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher, and fans are still in a raw emotional state over the loss of the iconic…

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Woody Harrelson Speaks About Joining the Star Wars Cast – “Mind Blowing”

DFTG has previously reported that the famed actor Woody Harrelson was in talks for joining the Star Wars upcoming Hans Solo movie set to debut in 2018. Since then, it…

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James Gunn

James Gunn Called Mass Effect and Others ‘Big Inspiration’ for Guardians of the Galaxy

When you have video games and movies in the same thought, chances are, it isn’t a good thing. There have been too many times where video game fandoms have been…

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Rogue One concept art

New Book Delivers Rogue One Concept Art and it is Gorgeous!

As Disney breathes new life into Star Wars and brings us the closing of the series, along with enough side stories to make every fanboy and girl squee until their…

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Adam Driver Teases Kylo Ren’s Fate in Star Wars Episode VIII (VIDEO)

During an appearance on Larry King Now, Marine veteran and actor Adam Driver discusses his start in film acting, how he got the part in Star Wars Episode VII: The…

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Brand New Star Wars Rebels Clip Features Obi-Wan Kenobi (VIDEO)

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Rebels episode, “Ghosts of Geonosis” dropped yesterday, just a few days before the mid-season premiere of this much-adored series. Previously, we…

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Young Han Solo Film Role

Lucasfilm Is Pursuing Woody Harrelson for Young Han Solo Film Role

Much like Jyn Erso’s group in the recent Rogue One film, the cast of the Young Han Solo anthology film is slowly coming together and growing more powerful with each…

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Sci-Fi Mashup

The Alien Hordes Take on Vader’s Fist in this Epic Sci-Fi Mashup

If you are a fan of science fiction (Sci-Fi) then it’s a safe bet to say you have seen Star Wars at some point, it might also be safe to…

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