Halo Infinite Meets “Mister Chief” In New Cosmetic DLC

Halo Infinite

Once upon a time in 2004, then-Bungie community manager Frank O’ Connor gave rise to the legendary Mister Chief during one of the developer’s Weekly Updates. The poorly-drawn rendition of Master Chief was created as a comical unofficial mascot and fans continuously enjoyed seeing the hilariously disfigured spoof. Mister Chief has even incorporated into the games themselves, such as during an April Fools day prank in Halo 3.

Now the cheeky knock-off Master Chief is in the series’ latest game Halo Infinite, this time as an AI skin alongside a variety of other Mister Chief-related goodies. Fans who decide to pick up the Mister Chief bundle will find themselves the proud owners of a new AI skin, a weapon charm, as well as a variety of other assorted goodies in the seven-item pack. However, DLC is a bit on the costly side, priced at 2000 credits, or about $19.99 USD in real-world cash.

Unfortunately, the bundle, and the cosmetics of Halo Infinite in general, have come under some scrutiny from fans disappointed in being forced to purchase cosmetics with real money rather than earn them from playing the game itself. In a recent tweet, YouTuber HiddenXperia recalled the irony of Mister Chief’s appearance in Halo 5, where the character made fun of players for being disappointed with the RNG-based microtransactions of the REQ system, only for the meme-worthy mascot to be sold for $20.

The fact that Mister Chief, the character that lectured and made fun of players for not being happy with the RNG microtransaction REQ system in Halo 5, is now being sold for 20 USD is frankly hilarious ? https://t.co/49wbbFZ3dQ

— Luc // HiddenXperia (@HiddenXperia) December 28, 2021

Still, it would appear that plenty of people are buying the pricy cosmetics, seeing as how many players are making use of the “Meownir” armor that also made a recent appearance. The Mister Chief bundle is a silly little nod to one of the most meme-worthy content the Halo franchise has ever put out, even arguably more so than Craig the Brute, but is it worth the price? Let us know your thoughts on the Mister Chief cosmetic pack for Halo Infinite and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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