Destiny 2: The Last Word Trailer Teases The Return Of Thorn (VIDEO)

Today the iconic hand cannon in Destiny lore, the Last Word, returns in Destiny 2. The weapon was known as a powerhouse within the PvP of the first Destiny title…

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Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard Faces Two Class Action Lawsuits After Bungie Split

The split between Activision Blizzard and Bungie caused shockwaves throughout the video game industry. Activision’s stocks tanked following the news, and a legitimate rebound feels unlikely. Those numbers should drop…

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Bungie Offers Hopeful Update About The Future Of Destiny After Activision Split

The gaming world – alongside the developers themselves – cheered in joy when Bungie announced that they were once again in total control over the Destiny franchise following their breakup…

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Cayde-6 Is Alive If You Count This Incredible Destiny 2 Cosplay, Which We Do

Look – OK, let’s be real. You may be over Cayde-6’s death in Destiny 2, but we’re not. We’re not OK. In fact, we are in a hardcore sense of…

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Xbox Boss Phil Spencer “Looking Forward” To Working On Destiny With Bungie

Following the end of Activision’s partnership with Bungie, industry experts and gamers alike wondered about Destiny’s future. A pair of massive drops in Activision stock prices indicates that the publishing…

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Destiny 2 Is Currently Free On PC, Here's How To Get It (VIDEO)

Activision Blizzard Stock Drops After Bungie Split

The woes of Activision Blizzard continue. The company had already become the focus of considerable scrutiny following Blizzard’s increased moves toward the mobile market, various cost-cutting measures, and the revelation…

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Destiny 3

Destiny 3 Reportedly Looking At A 2020 Release

Some (all) of you may have heard by now that Bungie has officially cut ties with Activision, taking the rights to Destiny along with them. We’ve learned that the current…

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Roadmap Will Go Unchanged Following Bungie’s Split From Activision

The gaming world was taken aback recently when it was revealed that Bungie was leaving their partnership with Activision. However, what was particularly interesting to fans was the fact that…

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Destiny Devs Announce Split From Activision

After an 8 year partnership with Activision, Bungie has stated their intentions to move forward with “full publishing rights” of the Destiny Franchise. Stating that originally the partnership was needed due…

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Destiny 2 Player Brings Her Guardian to Life With This Impressive Hunter Cosplay

With Forsaken livening up the Destiny 2 community once more, a lot of fans of the MMO are showing off their appreciation for the online game in many creative ways….

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