GoldenEye 007 Xbox Achievement List Discovered Online

GoldenEye 007

There’s a reason why Rare’s N64-exclusive GoldenEye 007 continues to be beloved by fans: the title was ahead of its time in many respects, especially with regards to its nostalgically-fun multiplayer. Though popular, the game’s complicated web of ownership rights has made subsequent re-releases virtually impossible over the years, with fans required to dust off those old N64 cartridges to properly replay the Pierce Brosnan adventure.

However, by some miracle, it now appears GoldenEye 007 might actually be happening on modern hardware. This ray of hope comes from a recent update from TrueAchievements, a website dedicated to compiling Xbox achievement data. Arriving as a New Year’s Day surprise, an entry for GoldenEye 007 was discovered by the site, collecting a total of 55 achievements and 1,000 gamerscore for the unannounced port.

We weren’t expecting this one! We have just picked up a new achievement list for an unannounced Goldeneye 007 game!

— TrueAchievements (@TrueAchievement) January 1, 2022

While these achievements are not 100% conclusive that a port is coming, this discovery is nonetheless miraculous for fans of the classic FPS. For decades, the rights for GoldenEye 007 have been joint-owed by four main parties: publisher Nintendo, developer Rare, film studio MGM, and James Bond license holder Danjaq LLC. As Nintendo’s hold on the title seemingly lapsed back in 2017, it looks like all the proper channels may have finally settled on a GoldenEye re-release all these years later.

Of course, inklings of a GoldenEye 007 re-release have been mounting for a small while now. Germany notably lifted its lengthy ban on the 24-year-old game only a few months ago, and plans for a long-lost GoldenEye remaster were leaked onto the internet just last year. Also, after a sizeable hiatus, a brand-new James Bond adventure is currently in the works with Hitman developer IO Interactive, signaling Danjaq’s willingness to finally produce more 007 games.

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