Fallout New Vegas Prequel Mod Begins Beta Phase After 9 Years

Fallout New Vegas Prequel

The Fallout franchise is certainly one of the game series that gamers would most identify as a staple with the modding community. Bethesda’s takes on the post-apocalyptic series have attracted many modders with many unique projects. Modders have attempted everything from recreating Fallout 3 and New Vegas with the Fallout 4 engine to enhancing the features of Fallout 4’s engine itself. Most of these mods have focused on pre-existing elements of the Fallout world, but one ambitious mod has sought to craft its own story within that universe. Now, after nine years, the Fallout New Vegas Prequel mod is entering its beta phase.

The team behind the Fallout: New California mod have made the full game available in beta mode on ModDB.com. The mod, originally called Fallout: Project Brazil, serves as a narrative set before the events of Fallout New Vegas. The game lets players control a survivor who has exited from Vault 18 into the remains of Black Bear Mountain National Forest. The story has two branching paths towards the beginning of the story that will greatly alter the player’s course, but still connect a narrative cord up to Fallout New Vegas. The story is all original content written by the mod team with all new voice acting in the game.

Followers of this mod’s progress have no doubt been questioning why it has taken so long to reach this level of completion. An update on the mod’s page claims that the complexity of the branching storylines from the crucial player choice required a lot of time to ensure its functionality. As the updates puts it: “The code is a labyrinth the density of a neutron star, it’s just a web of branching conditions and checks on unexpected player behavior.” Still, it is quite nice to see this mod be made available for the first time in its entirety. While it may still not be a perfect build, it is certainly seeming as functional as a suit of power armor for those willing to step in. What do you guys think about this Fallout New Vegas prequel mod? Let us know in the comments below!

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