Fallout: New Vegas 2

Fallout: New Vegas 2 Rumored To Be In Talks At Obsidian

The Fallout franchise has a complex history of titles filled with cancellations, changing hands between developers and publishers alike, as well as backlash surrounding some of the latest titles that…

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Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds Vehicles To The Wasteland (VIDEO)

Throughout the Fallout franchise cars are seen strewn about the wastelands of the United States, though few if any are able to be used outside of being scrap for materials….

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Fallout: New Vegas Dev Newly Interested In Sequel Following Microsoft's Acquisition Of Bethesda

Fallout: New Vegas Dev Shares Interest In Sequel Following Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Bethesda

Obsidian Entertainment has had a run of successful titles recently such as Grounded and The Outer Worlds, delving  deeper into the realm of science fiction. The company is also set…

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Fallout 4's VR

Fallout Legacy Collection Reportedly Arriving Later This Month

The Fallout series has been through quite a lot since the late ’90s. What started as a bleak, depressing isometric RPG that pitted players against an unforgiving wasteland slowly morphed…

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Every ‘The Outer Worlds’ NPC Can Be Killed

Most players like to play Fallout or Elder Scrolls games by playing through the dense main and side quests, befriending NPCs, and bringing companions on excellent adventures. Other players like…

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The Outer Worlds Price

New The Outer Worlds Trailer Revealed At E3 2019 (VIDEO)

Gamers know that Obsidian Entertainment is made up of the most creative minds in RPG gaming history, now it seems like they’re ready to add another brilliant title to their…

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Fallout: New Vegas' Chris Avellone Explains The Game's Abrupt Ending

Fallout: New Vegas’ Chris Avellone Explains The Game’s Abrupt Ending

Fallout: New Vegas has always been one of the more beloved games from the iconic franchise, with many fans wishing that Bethesda had chosen to bring the dev studio back…

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Fallout New Vegas Writer The Witcher Overwatch

Fallout New Vegas Writer Wants to Work On Witcher, Overwatch

There is no denying that Chris Avellone is one of the most well-known writers in gaming these days. With a resume that includes the likes of Fallout New Vegas, Star…

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The Outer Worlds Will Have A Survival Mode Called 'Supernova'

The Outer Worlds Will Have A Survival Mode Called ‘Supernova’

So, what do you get when you cross the Fallout New Vegas developer with space? Well, a decidedly angry Bethesda, but you also get Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming first-person RPG The…

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KOTOR And Fallout New Vegas Writer Confirms He’s Attached To Upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order Game

KOTOR And Fallout New Vegas Writer Confirms He’s Attached To Upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order Game

Many Star Wars fans hold a great amount of nostalgia for the Star Wars video games that were released in previous gaming generations, particularly the PlayStation 2 and the original…

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