DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal Invasion Multiplayer Scrapped For Solo Horde Mode

Once upon a time, id Software had plans for a PvP mode within DOOM Eternal’s campaign mode called Invasion. Originally set for sometime after launch, it would’ve played out similar…

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Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls 6 Is “Still In Design Phase,” Says Todd Howard

The gaming industry has many darling fan-favorite developer/publishers, but perhaps none are as consistently pleasing towards fans like Bethesda Softworks. The publisher behind the Fallout and Doom games has delighted…

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Fallout 4

New Fallout 4 Mod Takes Players Across The Pond To London (VIDEO)

When fans think of Fallout they normally think of the United States, whether it’s the wastelands of the New Mojave or the city streets of places like Washington D.C and…

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Starfield's Xbox Exclusivity Will Result In "A Better Product," Says Todd Howard

Starfield’s Xbox Exclusivity Will Result In “A Better Product,” Says Todd Howard

One of the most hotly discussed elements of E3 2021 (not you, Jack) was Bethesda’s new Starfield trailer, with Microsoft’s presentation for the game revealing that the ‘Skyrim in Space’…

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Starfield Dev Acknowledges Frustrations Over Xbox Exclusivity

Starfield Dev Acknowledges Frustrations Over Xbox Exclusivity

Microsoft and Bethesda had quite the showing at E3 2021, with the highly anticipated ‘Skyrim in space’ title Starfield receiving a new cinematic teaser trailer. While not much was revealed…

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Xbox Bethesda E3 2021

Xbox Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase: Everything Revealed At The Event (VIDEO)

Ever since the big Xbox Bethesda acquisition, fans have been expecting the two to integrate in more ways than one and the two have only begun to do so over…

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Redfall Is Arkane's New Open-World Co-op FPS With Vampires (VIDEO)

Redfall Is Arkane’s New Open-World Co-op FPS With Vampires (VIDEO)

Today’s Xbox + Bethesda Softworks showcase was certainly an enjoyable one, with Microsoft debuting several world premieres along with new trailers for Far Cry 6, Starfield, and more. Microsoft saved…

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Bethesda Joint E3 2021

Xbox And Bethesda E3 2021 Joint Showcase Announced

While the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be slowly fading away in the United States, its ramifications are still being felt in the country, particularly in the gaming industry. As last…

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Skyrim Player Kills All NPCs And Creatures In The Game

There are plenty of mods out there that allow players to kill anybody, whether it’s unkillable or important NPC’s who give out quests and more. While on one hand it…

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Starfield Xbox

Starfield Xbox And PC Exclusivity Likely, According To Report

As the console wars wage on with a new video game generation, major players in the industry are using a variety of tactics to convince customers that their platform is…

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