Fallout 4 Engine Being Used By Modders To Recreate Fallout 3 (VIDEO)

Fallout 4 Engine

One of the biggest and most drastic changes for a gaming franchise would definitely be encapsulated with Fallout 3’s release in 2008. The third game in the series represented a huge shift, not just with it being the first title developed by Bethesda after obtaining the IP from Interplay Productions, but also with it being the first entry to utilize a real-time 3D action gameplay style over the previous games using a 2D isometric turn-based strategy gameplay style. The series has been well known to attract the modding community, and now a new modding project seeks to bring Fallout 3 up to modern technical standards by recreating the game in the Fallout 4 engine.


Wonderside has released a new video on their YouTube channel showcasing pre-alpha gameplay of the Fallout 3 remake mod, which is titled “Capital Wasteland: A Road to Liberty Project”. The gameplay video shows the new version of the classic Fallout 3 Metro Tunnels, which look stunning with a greater amount of damage and textures made possible by the current gen Fallout 4 engine. Eventually, the gameplay brings the player above ground, where the wreckage in Washington D.C. looks better than ever with clearer details and enhanced lighting effects.

The mod is certainly an ambitious undertaking, and while Fallout 3 is still a classic even in its older version, this mod will definitely be more welcoming to those fully engulfed in modern gaming and those that wish to see Fallout 3 in a completely new way. There’s no word yet on when the full mod will be available, but fans know quite well that’s its best not to leave the vault before the world outside is ready. What do you guys think about this new Fallout 3 remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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