Super Mario Odyssey

Fan Mods Super Mario Odyssey Into Super Mario 64 (VIDEO)

Super Mario Odyssey ran in a similar vein to the iconic Super Mario 64, with a 3D world that took players to different and very unique locales. It’s easy to…

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Nintendo Switch Windows XP Hack Plays Space Cadet Pinball With Ease

Nintendo Switch Windows XP Hack Plays Space Cadet Pinball With Ease

The Nintendo Switch has fascinated the game industry with both its status as a traditional home console and its portable capabilities. As such, the nifty Nintendo Switch has also caught…

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Cyberpunk 2077 Sekiro

Cyberpunk 2077 And Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Collide With This Mod

From Software has become a trusty fan favorite developer for gamers seeking a mighty challenge worth bragging about upon completion. Right now, the big obsession among these fans is Sekiro:…

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends and Marvel’s Spider-Man Collide With This Web Shooter Mod

It’s only been two weeks since the launch of Apex Legends, and it has already become one of the biggest video game hits of 2019. Despite having its existence hidden…

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This Skyrim Mod Roasts The Hell Out Of Fallout 76 (VIDEO)

Though Fallout 76 seems to be exactly what Bethesda advertised, many players weren’t happy with the Wasteland going online. Following the launch’s backlash, it seems that the lack of any…

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DLC Fighter Stats

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Player Mods DLC Fighter Stats Into Game (Also With Waluigi)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to intrigue its players with its many fighters to master and its numerous spirits to collect. While it has kept people engaged for now, many…

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Japan Xbox One

Japan Outlaws Console Modding, Key Reselling, & Save Editors

Generally speaking, mods make games better. They create entirely new worlds, revive old school classics, or add a bit of brevity to a title. Gamers across the world download all…

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Fallout 76 Modding

Fallout 76: Modding Is Coming, But “It’s Going To Take A While”

One thing that Bethesda’s titles are well known for is the extensive mod support. The community for such activities is vibrant and full of impressive improvements and glorious memes. That…

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GTA V Magneto Mod

GTA V Magneto Mod Bends The World To Your Will (VIDEO)

As long as Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to be one of the most popular games in modern history, it will also continue to be a crown jewel of the…

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Skyrim Mod “The Island” Turns The RPG Into A Survival Game

Skyrim is a vast land filled with places to explore and secrets to uncover. From snow covered peaks, to mystical underground caverns. While there’s a strong sense of wonder and…

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