Spider-Man Mod

Marvel’s Spider-Man Mod Turns You Into An Actual Spider (VIDEO)

As gamers grow more and more tech savvy in tandem with gaming technology evolving, modders become increasingly talented in their practice. That said, many of these mods often end up…

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Elden Ring Bosses Fight Each Other In This Awesome New Mod (VIDEO)

Elden Ring Bosses Fight Each Other In This Awesome New Mod (VIDEO)

As video games have fostered bigger communities in-person and online, modding has become a new way for fans to extend and enhance the experiences in their favorite games. This phenomenon…

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John Wick Sifu

John Wick Sifu Mod Shows Keanu Reeves Still Knows Kung Fu (VIDEO)

As video games have progressed technologically, they have been able to better emulate the visual styles and qualities of cinema. Such has been the case most recently with the game…

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Mass Effect Pinnacle Station

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station Mod Restores Missing Legendary DLC

The galaxy-spanning exploits of the Reaper-punching, planet-probing, and alien-bedding Commander Shepard were finally brought to modern platforms in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. However, the all-encompassing remaster was unfortunately cut short…

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GTA Underground

GTA Underground Shared-World Fan Project Shut Down By Take-Two

As gaming on PC only grows more accessible to audiences, so too has the modding community for video games grown in recent years. Talented modders across the web have been…

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Skyrim Mod True Directional Movement- Modernized Third Person Combat

New Skyrim Mod Brings “Modernized” Third-Person Experience (VIDEO)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was and continues to be a glorious adventure, whether players choose to explore the vast depths of dungeons and caves or fight monsters and bandits…

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Bernie Sanders Meme

Bernie Sanders Meme Now Playable In Soul Calibur VI (VIDEO)

2021 is in full swing, and with it, several big events in the US have already occurred. Perhaps the biggest event was the inauguration of new President Joe Biden, but…

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Retro Consoles

Retro Consoles Repurposed As Guitars By Crafter

Given the multi-faceted creative nature of gaming, the medium has only exponentially led to creative endeavors from its passionate fans. Even outside of creating games of their own, video game…

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Skyrim Cat Mod

Skyrim Cat Mod Allows For Feline Companions (VIDEO)

The world of fan modding has been an interesting and lively world that expands upon fan-favorite video games and only brings them to new, unexpected heights. Popular mods have done…

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Super Mario 64 PC mod yoshi

Super Mario 64 PC Port Is Getting Remastered With Mods (VIDEO)

Though there’s been a small modding scene around Super Mario 64 for several years at this point, the surprise introduction of an unofficial PC port for the game has undoubtedly…

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