Pokemon Company Job Posting Resparks Rumors of Pokemon Switch Game 2018 Release

While there are many confirmed Pokemon-related media items coming within the next two years to keep fans happy, there are still those eagerly awaiting further news about the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game confirmed to be in development during last year’s E3 Nintendo Direct. While a recent batch of leaks about the Switch Pokemon title were revealed to be fake, the rumors that the game will launch before the end of 2018 have not been completely dispelled. Now, a new Pokemon Company job listing might help defend the rumors of a 2018 Pokemon Switch game release for some who believe them.

The Pokemon Company has created a job posting for a new Spanish Localization position on their official website. The position would pertain to a new project that would require a 6-month minimum contract out of the company’s London office. The project pertains to the localization of text within a new game project, which some who have seen this posting believe this game in question to be the new Pokemon Nintendo Switch game. The description mentions that the 6 month contract would be expected to commence between April and June of this year, which would mean that the 6 month minimum would be met before the end of 2018. Thus, its pertaining game, which could be the new Nintendo Switch Pokemon game, could release before the year end. Localization is one of the last steps in a game’s development, which would add to the defense of the 2018 release rumors.

It is still possible that this could be for another Pokemon game separate from the upcoming Switch game. The Detective Pikachu game launches in the US next month, and there are various Pokemon games on mobile both ongoing and in the works. These could just as easily be the game this position pertains to. Still, this added bit of evidence may convince enough people that the next leap forward for the core Pokemon series arrives before 2019. Maybe, this posting might even be super effective.Do you guys think the new Pokemon Company job posting points to a 2018 release for the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game? Let us know in the comments below!

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