Battlefield 1’s Competitive Mode ‘Incursions’ Revealed – Plus New Map Drops Today and Tsar Expansion Details

Battlefield 1 players have a new competitive mode to look forward to called Incursions. DICE recently revealed details surrounding the upcoming comp-centric mode as well as a new map for players to enjoy now and more details on the upcoming expansion In the Name of the Tsar. Let’s break down the latest Battlefield 1 news direct from this year’s Gamesmom:


Incursions is the competitive mode being implemented in the popular FPS from DICE. This new mode will showcase 5v4 matches and give players the experience of “fast, strategic gameplay.” An interesting thing about Incursions is that despite it only being a 5v5 arena, the usage of vehicles will still be available – scarcely. The entire build of Incursions provides a fast-paced and gear set up that drives home the importance of solid team work and communication.

Those interested in getting down and dirty with this new 5v5 mode can prepare for the upcoming alpha test for Incursion that will be available in September. Sign up for the testing stage right here from the website to queue up for your chance to check out the comp play before its official release.

In the Name of Tsar Expansion Update

The latest expansion to hit the FPS will be launching this September and to get players ready, DICE offered a little more insight into what fans of the shooter can expect, including new maps. Of the brand new maps to conquer, one will be available starting today to kick off the new content on its way.

Lupkow Pass is now available for all platforms for those who purchased the In the Name of the Tsar expansion or the Premium Pass. The battle in the latest map takes place between the Russian Imperial Army and the Austro-Hungarian unit. The snow-covered battleground (you thought I was going to say Battlefield, didn’t you) will feature an armored train as its Behemoth.

Here are a few of the new aspects that are coming with Lupkow Pass:

  • 11 new weapons, Russian-inspired
  • Limited vehicle access
  • New Hussar class
  • Russian scout (first female character to make her debut in the title’s multiplayer)

For details on all six of the new maps that are coming with the new In the Name of the Tsar expansion, check out the descriptions below directly from the official PlayStation Blog:

Lupkow Pass: The vertical fights are as bitter as the cold as you fight amid snow-covered ravines and treacherous mountains. The first map of Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar, Lupkow Pass pits the Austro-Hungarian forces against the dug-in troops of the Russian Imperial Army. With narrow passes and gorges constantly limiting your sightlines, adapting your tactics is key. You’ll want to gain altitude and get a vantage point on the enemy to help secure the win – but an Armored Train may just change the outcome of the battle.

Albion: Partake in the skirmishes of the Albion assault in this massive invasion of the Baltic peninsula, as the German Empire enacts a brutal coastal bombardment against the heavy gun batteries of the Russian forces. While expert vehicle and artillery use is crucial, sharp-eyed infantry that are able to stay ahead of the mayhem can make a serious impact with each capture point.

Galicia: Set during the epic Brusilov Offensive, you’ll find the Russian Empire committed to pushing back the Austro-Hungarian forces from within the Russian countryside. It’s an open map focused on infantry, cavalry, and light vehicles. With plenty of open space to traverse, it’s a great opportunity to make use of the cavalry charge as both lightning-fast transport and a serious threat to enemies on foot.

Brusilov Keep: The Russians have pushed the Austro-Hungarians back into a secluded mountain town along a critical trade route of the Eastern Front, but the opposition is making a strong stand on this infantry-focused map. Set in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains, there’s a big emphasis on close-range soldier combat here. Your best bet? Top-notch teamwork with your squad.

Tsaritsyn: The Bolsheviks and the Imperials enter the fray among barricaded streets as the old and new regimes fight for the soul of Russia. This up-close and personal infantry fight is as ruthless as they come. Use the house-to-house fighting to your advantage by setting up ambushes for overextending enemies.

Volga River: A ruined rural battleground sets the stage for a tank fight between the Bolsheviks in red and the Imperial Army in white. Makeshift shelters provide cover from the freezing cold and the constant exchange of heavy firepower. As you trade salvos with enemy tanks, remember to keep yourself from being outnumbered. A strategic retreat can give you time to regroup and prevent losing vehicle resources.

Are you excited for the changes coming to Battlefield 1? What are your thoughts on the Tsar expansion so far? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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