Fallout 4: New Vegas Update Shows Off The More Subtle Modern Touches

Fallout 4: New Vegas is an incredibly ambitious fan project that is so good, even Bethesda approves! We’ve been following this particular endeavor for quite some time now – and for good reason! It brings what so many absolutely loved about Fallout: New Vegas into the latest entry into the franchise: Fallout 4? Though the project is currently still in the works, progress continues at an impressive rate with weekly dev updates to clue fans in one what’s going on.

The latest update is all about the more subtle modern touches they added to the game. “While the bright lights and chimes of Vegas are the major draw of the Mojave Wasteland for outsiders,” began their latest blog post, “the majority of the region’s residents live beyond the gilded palace of The Strip. Out among the hills and cliffs of the harsh desert, many opt to carve out a life for themselves in small improvised shacks and sheds. These buildings, cobbled together from the detritus of pre-war buildings and the abandoned hulks of similar ad-hoc abodes and workshops, are able to take root beyond the ruins of the old world in places that suit the needs of the reclusive and the nefarious both.”

For those that hear the word “modern” and think that New Vegas will lose its aesthetic, don’t you worry. These alterations are subtle, meant to improve – not to completely alter:

We’re absolutely in love with everything this team is doing and we can’t wait to see even more incredible updates from the team in the future! They’ve done a fantastic job at keeping their interested fans in the loop, and that total transparency is making the wait seem infinitely more bearable.

We still don’t have an estimated release date at this time – and that’s ok! These are fans, just like us, doing this entirely voluntarily! We hope they continue to take their time so that the final project is something they can be proud of! To learn more about the F4NV project and how YOU can be a part of it, check out their official website right here!

You can also check out some of our previous coverage below:

What do you guys think about all of the incredible fan projects out there? Do you have a favourite one that you’ve been following? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to hit that follow button over on Twitter for our live 24 hour gaming news and entertainment feed!

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