Skyrim: Shadow Of Morrowind Provides Impressive New Experience For A Fan Favorite


Skyrim on its own is an expansive wonderland of fun and adventure which is only amplified with the various mods fans and creators bring to the table. Some focus on the visual side of things making the game look beautiful despite its age, others add new weapons or armor both – serious and silly. Then there are those that add new quests or even new territories. A new mod in particular has its sights set on the Morrowind province, giving players a chance to set foot in the land once more.

The mod is called Skyrim: Shadow of Morrowind and it allows players  explore the remains of Morrowind regardless of if they played Elder Scrolls IV or not. While many mods intend to recreate the fourth title in the franchise, this mod takes the liberty of giving fans a look Morrowind in the time of Skyrim. Though the mod itself is impressive, the Shadow of Morrowind Overhaul mod is yet an even better way to experience the full scope of what the original  has to offer, taking what was brought to the table with the original and vastly improving everything it has to offer.

While it isn’t necessary to use the overhaul mod to experience the beauty of the original, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the various enhancements it provides. If you’d like to use the overhaul mod for yourself, here’s how you’ll need to go about doing it:

  • -ALL DLCs for Skryim required
  • Install Shadow of Morrowind main mod, update, and map fix. Then install this mod and overwrite when asked
  • Main file contains plugin, large .bsa archive, and landscape terrain for Morrowind
  • Loose files available in optional download section. Install main mod, then loose files, then delete .bsa
  • Billboards and Object LOD available in optional section and required for use with DynDOLOD or TES5Edit
  • *NEW* as of 7/14 an optional high res texture pack is now available (optional section). I reworked some of the diffuse textures and normal maps in photoshop with a max resolution of 2K. Install main mod first (including loose files version if you choose to use it), then install the texture pack and overwrite when asked

Fans can find the original Shadow of Morrowind mod here, or if the overhaul mod is more your style it can be found here. Let us know your thoughts on Skyrim: Shadow of Morrowind and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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