Fallout TV Series Casts Yellowjackets’ Ella Purnell

Fallout TV Series Ella Purnell

The film and television industries have been absolutely flooded with news of television and film projects that adapt major video game franchises, and this has especially been seen on the major streaming platforms. Amazon has bet big on a sort of cinematic universe revolving around The Witcher, and HBO has The Last of Us series in the works as well. Amazon’s first major gaming adaptation project is a series based off of the Fallout games, which has been gaining real speed in production in recent months. Now, the Fallout TV series has cast Ella Purnell in a major role.

Fallout TV Series

Variety has reported on the new casting confirmation for the Fallout TV series recently. Amazon has confirmed that Ella Purnell has been cast in a lead role for the series, which will take place in 2077 after a 1940s nuclear event, much like the games. It is not yet known if Purnell is playing a character from the games, but her role is being described as “as upbeat and uncannily direct with an all-American can-do spirit.” Purnell joins the already confirmed casting of Justified star Walton Goggins in a similarly unspecified lead role in the Fallout project.


Purnell has been in a variety of projects, with her best known ones being Dave Bautista’s daughter in Army of the Dead and currently as Jackie on the series Yellowjackets. Yellowjackets is a show split between present-day plot and flashbacks featuring younger versions of its character. Since Purnell is only involved with these flashbacks, it will likely allow her greater ability to be a part of both that show and the Fallout project. Considering the amount of survival skills the characters on Yellowjackets requires, Purnell is definitely ready for apocalyptic survival on the Fallout TV series.

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