Fallout 4: New Vegas Won’t Have Settlement Building

Fallout 4: New Vegas Won't Have Settlement Building

Fallout 4: New Vegas is one of the most ambitious fan mods in development for the post-apocalyptic RPG.  With Bethesda’s blessing, a team of passionate fans has been hard at work in bringing the Mojave Wasteland into Fallout 4’s creation engine.  This is obviously not an easy task and the team has done a great job at keeping people updated with progress on the project.  However, it seems that there might be one major feature that won’t make it to the Nevada desert.

As many players know, Fallout 4 implemented a settlement building and management system, which Bethesda is building on for their next Fallout release, but it seems as though the team behind F4NV won’t be able to bring the feature into their mod.  In a new Devlog update, the team expressed that there were multiple issues in trying to integrate the system:

In the event that we were to add settlements to the world that the player could found or build up, we’d want to implement them correctly in a manner that was consistent with the existing content in the base game. This would necessitate integrating the growth and changes to player settlements into the overarching plot of the game, and would require countless lines of new voice acting and quest scripting as a consequence. Given the amount of work we need to do just on the pre-existing quests and voice acting, this simply isn’t feasible for us to do without compromising our focus on core project needs.”

The developers also expressed that settlement building wouldn’t really fit in with the narrative of Fallout: New Vegas, saying that the story is centered around pre-determined areas of faction control and the player is more a hired gun, like those in Old West legends, and having agency in designing their bases would take away from that. “Even the act of moving out from a location known to be safe is an extremely risky proposition, with roads held by Powder Gangers and encroaching wildlife like Deathclaws and Cazadores.”

We’ll have more updates on the project here as it progresses, but it definitely seems like it’s still a long way away from us.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers for any new updates on the mod project!

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