Roll A 20 With This New D20 Beanie And Scarf Set, Because Crit Happens

Though for most of us it’s still the horrendous months of summer, it’s never too early to start scopin’ out some sweet duds for the cooler months. If you’re an avid tabletop fan, you might even be looking for thrifty ways to show off that crit love. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Our friends over at ThinkGeek have just rolled out a sweet new D20 set that comes with both a scarf and a matching beaning. Naturally wearing this will improve that Charisma, and you’ll essentially become a walking 20 for all of your friends to “ooh” and “aah” over. Or, at very least – you’ll be comfy.

Exposure to the elements is never a good thing, and after several hours you can find yourself exhausted. Now, a DC 10 CON saving throw isn’t hard to hit if you’ve been playing for a while (we’re assuming you’re not still level 1), but why take the risk?”

They added, “Bundle up in this Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Set. The hat features a d20 patch stitched onto the cuff (naturally, you’ve rolled a 20). The scarf features eight d20s, having rolled a pair of 4s, 7s, 17s, and 20s on either end. Not too shabby.”

  • Crit Success D20 Beanie and Scarf Set
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Black ribbed watchcap-style beanie with a d20 patch stitched to the cuff
  • Black double-sided scarf with 8 red d20s on each side
  • The ends have 3″ long tassels, not included in the length
  • Imported
  • One size fits many humans, elves, and yuan-ti purebloods

Interested in grabbing your own? This set is available now right here for$29.99! If you decided to purchase a set from here, DFTG might earn a small commission. As an independent site, your support means the world to us!

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