Fallout 4 T-51 Sugar Bombs Power Armor Is Both A Collectible And A USB Hub

Everybody likes a good collectible but when said collectible is also super functional? EVEN BETTER! That’s exactly what this Fallout 4 T-51 Sugar Bombs Power Armor is – it’s both a nifty…

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Capital Wasteland

Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland Mod Resumes Development

Those anticipating the Capital Wasteland mod, which is the recreation of Fallout 3 inside of Fallout 4, were disappointed when the project was cancelled early last year. The team working…

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Fallout 76 Twitch

Fallout 76 Twitch Viewership Lower Than Fallout 4 Viewership At Launch

Fallout 76 has been out for almost two weeks now, and the title has been the talk of the town in gaming circles. The massive game has provided many fun…

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Fallout 4 mod

This Fallout 4 Mod Will Add A Full-Fledged Photo Mode (VIDEO)

With Fallout 76 now free in the wild, not unlike the players who have transported themselves to the West Virginia wasteland, many have been enjoying the photo mode featured in…

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Fallout 4 'Spooky Scary Radio' Mod Adds Hours Of Halloween-Themed Tracks

Fallout 4 ‘Spooky Scary Radio’ Mod Adds Hours Of Halloween-Themed Tracks

The spooktacular Halloween season is fully upon us, and video games from many different genres are celebrating with their own in-game festivities for fans to enjoy. Now, while Bethesda may not…

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Fallout 4

This Fallout 4 Sakhalin Mod Mashes New Vegas And S.T.A.L.K.E.R In One (VIDEO)

Fallout 4 fans looking for a new experience might be interested in a new mod titled Fallout: Sakhalin. It features a never before explored island with new quests, factions, monsters,…

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New Fallout 4 Mod Turns The Game Into A Musical About Employment

New Fallout 4 Mod Turns The Game Into A Musical About Employment

Fallout mods come in all shapes and sizes, with some adding exciting new content to the popular Bethesda games, and others tweaking existing content to provide players with an exciting…

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Fallout Cascadia

‘Fallout Cascadia’ Reveals Killer Whales With New Update

Many gamers know that Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is subjected to a bounty of mod on a regular basis. Whether it be the addition of a character from outside the franchise,…

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Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas Opening Remade In Fallout 4 Mod (VIDEO)

Fallout 4: New Vegas is one of the most ambitious fan projects in the making for Fallout 4.  The mod’s development team, under the direction of modder Nakiosan, are making…

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Fallout 4 New Vegas

Fallout 4 New Vegas Gets Massive Update From Devs – More To Come

While fans patiently wait for more news on Fallout 76, many are turning to the mod community for past games in the series. There dedicated fans are keeping past installments…

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