Aliens Have Been Found for the First Time in Elite Dangerous (VIDEO)

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Elite Dangerous is a very popular game, and it only continues to grow. The galaxy-spanning combat space sim manages to always keep its player base coming back for more. They are able to do this because they listen to their player base. Frontier Developments has done a wonderful job in both making and publishing this gorgeous game that takes players into a cutthroat galaxy full of trading, dogfights, adventure, and exploration. The universe is riddled with planets, stars, and alien wreckages, and until very recently, no one had ever seen these supposed aliens.

Xbox One player, DP Sayre, was playing Elite Dangerous, minding his own business, until something strange happened. He was the first player of the game to experience something so extraordinary that many believed he was lying and had modded the game or edited the video. He encountered aliens. Luckily, he recorded the whole event, and seeing this massive alien ship before your very eyes is absolutely breathtaking. Frontier Games has more or less confirmed the encounter via tweet, sharing an image of the alien craft and linking to the original video.

This has been one of the biggest finds in Elite Dangerous. The Thargoid alien race has been thought to exist for the longest of times. Players have spent countless hours searching for them by piecing together clues and following bread crumb trails but to no avail. Frontier Games has never confirmed their existence in the past, and since this encounter has happened, they haven’t denied it.

It’s easy to believe that players will be searching even harder after this. The encounter with the aliens seems peaceful enough, but given the nature of humans, it will only be a matter of time before someone does something silly and angers these advanced beings. That, or the Thargoid race is not peaceful, as their first impression will have gamers believe. Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens when that finally occurs.

What do you think of these aliens? Are they really a peaceful race? Comment below and tell us your thoughts on the topic. Also, don’t forget to check out what Don’t Feed the Gamers has on the upcoming space sim Star Citizen. You can check out gameplay or read more about their production schedule.

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