Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Shows Off New FPS Combat And More (VIDEO)

Elite Dangerous has been around since 2014 and has grown over time to become almost unrecognizable from what it was at launch. The game introduced the ability to not only…

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Elite Dangerous Stephen Hawking Tribute

Touching Elite Dangerous Stephen Hawking Tribute Held By Players

This past week saw the unfortunate passing of renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. While heartfelt reactions and tributes poured in from all over the globe, a few gamers were looking for…

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Elite Dangerous Beyond

WATCH: Elite Dangerous Beyond Chapter One Drops Beta Teaser

The team at Frontier Development has released a trailer for the Elite Dangerous Beyond – Chapter One beta, along with some details on when and what to expect in the…

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Oculus Rift Price

Oculus Rift Price Drops Down To Lowest Yet On Amazon

Amazon just dropped the price down on the Oculus Rift and Touch bundle, allowing more and more players to jump into the Virtual Reality universe. The Oculus Rift price was…

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Elite Dangerous Player

Elite Dangerous Player Breaks Alien Communication Barrier In-Game (VIDEO)

Science fiction often delves into the vastness of space to explore the question of whether or not humans are alone. If we aren’t, then how is it we would even…

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Elite: Dangerous Finally Gets a PlayStation 4 Release Date

Elite: Dangerous was released way back in December of 2014 for PC, then Xbox in October of 2015, but now the space simulation game will finally get a PlayStation release!…

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Elite Dangerous History

Troll Ruins Historic Moment in Elite Dangerous History During In-Game Event (VIDEO)

Within the game of Elite Dangerous are multiple mysteries hidden within the galaxy. One of the most well-known is the Formidine Rift Mystery. The Rift is 10,000 light years away…

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Retail Release

Retail Release Arriving for Elite Dangerous for All Platforms Alongside Planet Coaster Later This Year

Elite: Dangerous is a space exploration and combat simulator by Frontier Developments. The game features a 1:1 scale galaxy based upon our own Milky Way in which players can trade…

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Alien Race

PAX East Trailer for ‘Elite Dangerous’ Shows Ominous Encounter With Alien Race (VIDEO)

Aliens are well established within the Elite universe. Ancient ruins and unknown artifacts can be seen peppered throughout space, it’s an adventure that houses many mysteries. Unfortunately, they don’t provide…

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Trappist-1 Discovery

Trappist-1 Discovery Will Impact Games Like ‘Elite Dangerous’ and More – Here’s How

Are you and aspiring astronomer, maybe just have a fondness for space? In that case, you may have heard the news about Trappist-1. For those who are otherwise unaware, Trappist-1 is an…

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