Monster Hunter World Receives Alien Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

Monster Hunter World and Aliens Collide With This Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

As anyone who’s the played TGA-winning RPG knows, Monster Hunter World is filled to capacity with monstrous creatures ready to deal out death to unprepared players. However, it appears this ever-present…

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New ‘Aliens’ Game In The Works As Fox Acquires Cold Iron Studios

In a bold move to join in on the video game industry, Fox has acquired game developer Cold Iron Studios to begin development on a new alien shooter. FoxNext Games,…

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Aliens Themed Planet Coaster ride

WATCH: Aliens Themed Planet Coaster Ride Offers Incredible Journey

Whether you’re a fan of James Camerons’ 1986 film Aliens, or totally into Planet Coaster this new ride is bound to turn heads. The Aliens themed Planet Coaster ride takes…

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A Mysterious and Cryptic Pokemon Teaser Hints at Alien Themed Content Coming Soon (VIDEO)

An extremely ambiguous teaser was released by Pokemon Japan recently, offering players more questions than answers. Although, a little bit of data-mining doesn’t hurt. The cover of the video is…

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Vault #1

DFTG First Look: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: Vault #1 (REVIEW)

John Carpenter has been a household name for horror fans since the late 70’s. This master of horror has written and directed such films as Halloween, The Fog, Big Trouble in Little…

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A New Prey Trailer is Out to Show Off All Alien Species and Yup, That Chair was an Alien (VIDEO)

The Bioshock-esque sci-fi game Prey has a lot of intrigue surrounding it – I mean, haven’t you ever wished you could become toilet paper or a banana? Dreams DO come true. Regardless of some…

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Elite Dangerous Header

Aliens Have Been Found for the First Time in Elite Dangerous (VIDEO)

Elite Dangerous is a very popular game, and it only continues to grow. The galaxy-spanning combat space sim manages to always keep its player base coming back for more. They…

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Sci-Fi Mashup

The Alien Hordes Take on Vader’s Fist in this Epic Sci-Fi Mashup

If you are a fan of science fiction (Sci-Fi) then it’s a safe bet to say you have seen Star Wars at some point, it might also be safe to…

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