leaked injustice 2

SPOILER: Leaked Injustice 2 Gameplay Confirms That One Major Character Addition (VIDEO)

NetherRealm Studios has been on a roll as of late, unveiling crowds of new characters for upcoming DC fighting game Injustice 2, one of which was unofficially revealed earlier this week. Following the discovery of a…

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Injustice 2 Achievement

Full Injustice 2 Achievement List Revealed – Confirms a Surprise Character Addition

NetherRealm Studios’ latest fighting game Injustice 2 will be hitting stores in just a few weeks from now. This fact is further realized by the discovery of the game’s Xbox…

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original starcraft brood war

The Original StarCraft is Available for Free Following First Patch in Over 8 Years

Blizzard’s real-time strategy game StarCraft was the hit many of our childhood, teenage, and let’s face it, adulthood years as well. The game’s interesting alien atmosphere mixed with its immensely…

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poison ivy injustice 2

New Injustice 2 Character Trailer Showcases the Venomous Poison Ivy (VIDEO)

NetherRealm Studios has been on a roll with their character reveals lately, with each new addition to Injustice 2‘s roster being different from the last. The previously showcased fighter was…

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yooka-laylee glitch

Skip to the End of the Game With This Yooka-Laylee Glitch (VIDEO)

It isn’t hard to see where the new platformer Yooka-Laylee gets its influences from, the most obvious of which is the Nintendo 64 game Banjo-Kazooie. The cartoony art style and…

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resident evil 8

Plans for Resident Evil 8 “Already in Motion” According to Capcom (VIDEO)

When Resident Evil 7 released earlier this year, it signaled a return to the creepy atmosphere and horrific thrills that originally made the franchise a household name. While frights are…

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injustice 2 scarecrow character trailer

Scarecrow Will Haunt Your Nightmares in Injustice 2’s Latest Character Trailer (VIDEO)

Boom! We have another one, people! It seems we can’t go a single day without seeing something about the NetherRealm Studios’ upcoming fighting game Injustice 2. Just this week saw…

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supergirl injustice 2 gear system

Injustice 2’s Gear System Allows Costume and Skill Customization (VIDEO)

Injustice 2 has not shown any sign of slowing down its hype train any time soon. The countless amount of character trailers and story teases have increased in recent weeks as the game’s…

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killer croc maybe new injustice 2 character

Brand New Injustice 2 Character to Be Unveiled Soon – Who Could it Be?

There has been a wide array of characters revealed to be a part of Injustice 2‘s inclusive fight roster. With 27 fighters already confirmed playable in the NetherRealm Studios game,…

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mass effect presidium art minecraft marketplace

Minecraft Marketplace Will Allow Creative Players to Earn Money

Mojang’s blocky sandbox game Minecraft has been consistently one of the most popular games of recent memory. Its widespread appeal has been attributed to the title’s approachable pixelated look and solid…

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