Star Citizen Team to Share Their Production Schedule to Ease the Community’s Doubts

The Star Citizen team have offered concerned gamers a peek at their development schedule to ease doubts of the space simulator’s eventual release.

The long awaited game Star Citizen has been in development for a number of years now. Ever since the Kickstarter campaign began in October 2012, fans of the ambitious project have been left wondering when the title will see the light of day. Numerous alpha releases have been made public, but the full game has been repeatedly delayed, much to the discouragement of gamers.

Star Citizen team

Cloud Imperium Games director Chris Roberts announced via his Roberts Space Industries blog that his studio would soon begin sharing the team’s development schedule to the public, in a effort to regain the confidence of fans.

“We’ve taken stock, thought through everything and decided that, while that is a risk, above all we trust the community that has given us so much support,” Roberts said. “The community that has let us focus our passions on this incredible project. You have allowed us to take this journey, you have tracked and followed so much of how game development works… and now we think it is right to further part the curtain and share with you our production process.”

The post states that the Star Citizen team will begin sharing its internal schedule on a weekly basis following the release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.6. Any production update will be permanently posted to the Roberts Space Industries website, allowing the public to track the developer’s progress.

“These are the very same schedules we update daily and are circulated internally on our intra-studio hand-offs with a few exceptions: the individual developer names assigned to the tasks will be omitted (for obvious reasons), we’ll remove the JIRA details and we’ll modify the technical wording to make it readable for a wider audience, but otherwise, when something changes, slips or is completed, you will know.”

Star Citizen team sample schedule
An example of a typical production snapshot the Star Citizen team promises to release following any major updates.

“The simple fact is that game development, especially game development on the scale of Star Citizen, is complicated. If you talk to any developer that works on large titles they will tell you that schedules, especially early in the development cycle, move all the time,” he added. “Most people never see this because a publisher won’t announce a project publicly until it is very far along; normally at least in Alpha.”

You can read the rest Chris Roberts’ compelling letter HERE.

What is your opinion? Will Star Citizen development move faster now that the public can see all of their progress? Do you think Cloud Imperium Games will be as transparent as they claim they’ll be? Is space awesome or super awesome?

Let us know in the comments below and explore these other space-themed articles!

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