Titanfall 2 DLC Includes Map From First Game, Live Fire Mode, and More

Respawn Entertainment is doing everything they can to keep Titanfall 2 going strong. Shortly after the hit title was announced, it was revealed that there would be no season passes and that all DLC would be free. This is a huge plus for the players, and the developers are keeping true to their word with new free DLC coming in February and March.

The game’s February DLC will be the previously announced Live Fire multiplayer mode. Two teams of six will duke it out, battling through 1 minute rounds. To win the round, all enemy players must be eliminated, or your team must possess your opposing team’s flag when time runs out. In the latest Titanfall 2 Blog, the Live Fire designer Griffin Dean explains that the new mode will have its own two new maps that are “designed around the controlled sight-lines, choke points, and flank routes. The maps are designed to force confrontation and focus combat.”

Titanfall 2 Road Map

Dean continues on, saying that the following March update will include Prime Titans and cosmetics you can purchase in the store. Their will also be balance tweaks, new online features, and a host of bug fixes. But that’s not all … new weapons, pilot executions, “and more” were also announced. Colony will also be returning, as a fan favourite from the original Titanfall, this map will be re-released for the latest title. No real details on this were released, but Dean is “personally thrilled to see this one making a comeback.”

This is all very exciting, and it’s great to see Respawn Entertainment continuing to support Titanfall 2 with plenty of free content. Are you excited about the new DLC? Is there anything you want to see added to the game? Comment below and tell us your thoughts! Don’t forget to check out this awesome Lego replica of the Alternator SMG.

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