PlayStation Reportedly Felt "Blindsided" Over Microsoft Partnership

PlayStation Reportedly Felt “Blindsided” Over Microsoft Partnership

Last week, a momentous announcement was made that could change the gaming landscape as we know it, with gaming rivals Sony and Microsoft announcing a “strategic partnership” that would see…

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Battlefield V

Battlefield V Developer Teases Dinosaur Game Mode (VIDEO)

As unlikely a combination as it may seem, the Battlefield franchise has a history somewhat peculiar relationship with dinosaurs. A post back in 2009 on the popular imageboard website 4chan…

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Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Comments On Sony And Microsoft Collaboration

The past few years of the gaming industry have shown that even the biggest rivals are willing to cooperate with each other to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Crossplay continues to…

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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New 'Warden' Operator (VIDEO)

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New ‘Warden’ Operator (VIDEO)

The folks over at Ubisoft have revealed the latest new Operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Codenamed Warden, he will soon be joining the Defending Team in Operation Phantom Sight,…

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Roadmap Reveals First Look at Upcoming Expansions

As with previous titles, Metro Exodus tells a dark and foreboding tale set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Russia. While the story seems to be winding down to a…

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ghost recon breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trailer Sets The Stage For A New Global Threat (VIDEO)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set to take the story of the franchise to a whole new level. This time instead of dismantling a drug cartel, players will be…

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Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Mysterious New Operator, Nøkk (VIDEO)

Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Mysterious New Operator, Nokk (VIDEO)

Ubisoft has always done a great job at releasing loads of varied and interesting Operators for Rainbow Six Siege, with the latest notable entrants coming from Operation Burnt Horizon. Now,…

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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Receives Biggest Update Yet As Mode Leaves Beta

Red Dead Redemption 2 arrived in the fall of last year bringing along with it a multiplayer experience as well that runs in a similar vein as Grand Theft Auto…

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Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online Tabletop Adventure Recalled Due To D&D Plagiarism

Recently, a tabletop adventure set in Elsweyr was released by Bethesda Netherlands in order to promote the upcoming expansion set in Elder Scrolls Online and the Khajit homeland. Players were…

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Game of Thrones Xbox

Custom Game of Thrones Xbox One Consoles Revealed With New Giveaway (VIDEO)

It is both an exciting and saddening time for Game of Thrones fans this month, as the beloved HBO series airs its eighth and final season. Only two new episodes…

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