Street Fighter 5 Skin Mod Transforms Laura Into Overwatch’s Sombra

Sombra is the latest hero to take Blizzard’s Overwatch by storm and to say that the hacker is popular with fans would be a severe understatement. Players have had a chance to figure out this popular new character’s moves and how she works in the environment and with other characters. Some have even had a chance to create a Sombra skin mod for Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter

The skin is for the character “Laura Matsuda”, who retains her voice and abilities while wearing the mod, creating a bit of a silly contrast to Sombra. The skin, however, looks exactly like the Blizzard counterpart and even has the option to adjust the colors of the costume for the kind of dual Sombra battles you can see in the video below.

Skin creator “TheJamK” has been making Overwatch mods for Street Fighter V for a while now, including Mei, Tracer, and Reinhardt. It is of little surprise then that they would make another one, and given that Sombra and Laura share similar appearances, it makes perfect sense to hack the game in the name of Overwatch’s latest digital wizard. Blizzard’s wildly popular FPS has drawn fans from many different game genres with its unique character design and play style. Having drawn a passionate modder on the fighting game side of things may only seem natural for some players, and the mods may yet draw Overwatch players to Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter

In other Street Fighter news, Capcom recently announced continued updates until 2020 with a recent stage released that allows players to fight on the wing of an airplane in flight. Meanwhile, next week is promising an upcoming character reveal at PlayStation Experience in California. This is exciting news for the PlayStation 4 and PC users who enjoy the fighting game.

What do you think of the mod? What character would you like to see modded next? Sound off in the comments below!

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