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Orwell Ignorance is Strength

Taking inspiration from the circulation of “fake news,” Osmotic Studios is constructing an even deeper and more intense game...

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As Star Wars continues to gain momentum (as if it weren’t already traveling at light speed), new games are...

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Geralt vs Chuck Norris

It isn’t every day we get to see a dream battle, and sometimes creative minds come up with match-ups...

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Creation Gameplay Video

It seems many Kickstarter games are taking center stage this year. With Kingdom Come: Deliverance getting a release after...

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Kingdom Come Deliverance

Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver have been hard at work building their wildly successful Kickstarter title set in the...

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new Far Cry 5 footage

Easily one of the most anticipated games of the year and with only two months to go until release,...

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Battlefront II Players

The latest Star Wars title from EA DICE has had a fair amount of trouble since its launch in...

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One of the most anticipated RPG’s of the year has received its day one patch plans, including where their...

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Storm Farewell release date

Fans of Life is Strange were thrilled to hear that they would be able to return to Arcadia Bay...

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Fortnite Update

Fans of the sandbox survival game have some new features and fixes to look forward to with the coming...

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