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Oculus Rift swaps genders

The Oculus Rift and VR devices like it are swiftly becoming as much a tool as a toy in...

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Developer Playdead

For fans of Limbo, it seemed like an eternity, even if only six years, for Inside to come out....

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Overwatch 12 gun salute

One of the benefits of team based games, and certainly this is the case with Overwatch, is the bond...

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Cthulhu Trailer

For fans of the world of HP Lovecraft, impending doom is worn like a snuggie on Christmas day. Whether...

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Fans of the Danganronpa series may be excited for 2017 as a lot is happening in the fandom this...

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Borderlands 3

Nintendo Switch has been super hyped lately as the console was demonstrated, and has since been talked about at...

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official APAC tournament League’s Season two has begun, pooling teams from the Asia-Pacific region to compete in World of Tanks Official...

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New Metroid Game

It has been 10 years. We’ve been waiting to hear something, anything, about a new Metroid game for ten years....

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Xbox home button

Mike Ybarra, in a post to Xbox Wire, revealed that Microsoft is changing the Xbox home button functionality on...

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Black Butler

Fans of the hit Manga and television anime series Black Butler have something to get excited about. Wednesday marked...

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