Baby Yoda Brought To Star Wars Battlefront 2 With An Adorable New Mod

Baby Yoda

Disney seems to have found a significant success with the launch of their Disney+ streaming service. Much of the profitability seems to have come in with the utilization of Disney’s extensive library of classic films and television series, but what has really kept the conversation about the service going is its exclusives. The big exclusive of course is The Mandalorian, the first live action Star Wars television series that is currently the most popular show on any streaming service. The unexpected breakout star of the show has not been a big name actor, but actually the character referred to as Baby Yoda. Now, one modder has found a way to bring The Child to Star Wars Battlefront II.

Reddit user Nanobuds1220 recently shared images of their new Star Wars Battlefront II Baby Yoda mod creation. The mod seems to be based off of the normal Yoda model used in the game, as it even has Yoda’s clothing. The full mod has not been release, as this is “just a test”, according to the modder. The modder also claims the final mod “will have the correct eyes.”

While many have pointed out that the mod does not quite fully match Baby Yoda just yet, it would be a great way to gauge fan interest in having Mandalorian content in Battlefront II. The Rise Of Skywalker will have content in the game around the time the film premieres, so there’s always a chance Pedro Pascal’s masked warrior could show up in the game in the future. This is the way.

What do you guys think about this Star Wars Battlefront II Baby Yoda mod? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest Star Wars news, such as the explanation for the bad aim of Stormtroopers given in Jedi: Fallen Order, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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