New Overwatch patch

New Overwatch Patch Changes Up Mercy, Lucio, And Cultist Zenyatta

With Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror 2017 event in full swing, players are taking on hordes and opposing gamers to get their hands on some of the sweet loot available. With the…

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Destiny 2 PC Launch

Destiny 2 PC Launch Trailer Highlights The Beauty Of 4K (VIDEO)

Well, PC gamers, the time is almost upon us. With Destiny 2 set to finally arrive on the platform next week, non-console players are surely stocking up on their favorite…

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Report: Unannounced Overwatch Spin-Off Game On The Horizon

According to a job posting from Blizzard, they are looking to hire interns for some kind of unannounced Overwatch game. Technically the post is looking for a Generalist Artist Intern…

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Overwatch Halloween Skins

Overwatch Halloween Trailer Leaks Early – Even MORE Skins Revealed (VIDEO)

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back and officially kicks off today. We’ve shown off the amazing Zenyatta, Symmetra, and Mei skins leaked earlier this week but it looks like…

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Overwatch league items

Overwatch League Related Items Are Coming To The Game, Says Blizzard

The past few weeks have had Blizzard busier than usual as they begin rolling out the teams competing in this year’s professional league play in Overwatch. Last week marked the…

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Overwatch Halloween Skins

Overwatch Halloween Skins Leaked – Symmetra Harnesses Her Inner Ifrit

The Overwatch Halloween event is rapidly approaching and with all events related to the title, fans are excited to see what new unlocks will be featured. Last year’s event saw…

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Overwatch Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch Director Opens Up About The Gap Between Community and Developers

The Blizzard team has made a lot of effort at being involved in the community, and the team behind Overwatch is no different. With countless posts in their forums on…

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Blizzard’s New and Improved Social Features are Now in Beta

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for and its an official announcement for the Discord-like upgrades coming to Blizzard’s upgrades for the improved socials. Recently, leaked codes and…

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Mercy Nerf

Mercy Nerf Currently Being Tested in Overwatch’s PTR

The balance within Blizzard’s Overwatch can be a bit tricky at times, often leaving certain characters to be overpowered or too weak. The latest update to hit the Public Test…

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LEAKED: New Images Reveal More About Upcoming Discord-Like Features for Battle.Net

In the latest Blizzard update, dataminers have discovered strings of code for’s Discord-like social upgrade with leaked images for all to see. As DFTG has previously reported, the recent…

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